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across improvisation

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a symposium on multidisciplinary perspectives of improvisation.

Where: Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, Linnégatan 87. When: Friday 10th October, 09.00-18.00


This symposium is part of an attempt to create more collaboration between KMH and the recently created Stockholm Uniarts. Participating in the program are researchers & teachers connected with KMH and Stockholm Uniarts. All master and doctoral students from both schools are invited to attend without cost. The symposium will be conducted in English.

The purpose is to facilitate an exchange of experiences of improvisation in various art forms, thereby creating a deeper understanding of improvisation as well as new opportunities for collaboration between art forms.

For more information, see Stockholm Uniarts webpage.

making the invisible visible in a digital age

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Where: Filmhuset
When: October 17-18

New Approaches to Reclaiming Women’s Film History

Free, but essential to register – via mail to Ingrid.Stigsdotter@ims.su.se.

A collaboration between the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) and Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University.

Practical information may be found in this document.

last minute opera

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When: September 20, 21, 25, 26, 27
Where: Uppland


Opera improvisation by the group Operaimprovisatörerna: Mozart in Uppland.

The audience is participating in these performances by giving topics and objects to the performers upon which they will build the plot. The music is improvised but alsa a remix of Mozart, Bellini, Verdi, Bizet and Purcell among others.

This is a unique event in Sweden. For more information see Musik i Uppland.


black is the new black

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Where: Bio Victor in Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1 in Stockholm
When: October 9, 9-17


The five fastest growing economies are to be found in Africa and Nollywood in Lagos is the world’s largest film industry. The hottest house music is produced in Johannesburg. The ambitious project Afripedia is connecting contemporary art, design, fashion and music from all corners of Africa and African creators from the entire world.

The complete program will be published at www.filmrummet.se and you register by submitting an email to osa.filmrummet@sfi.se no later den October 6.

excitable writing

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Trans_forming academia_art_activism through intersectional trans_versal, trans_feminist politics of performativity

When: December 8-10, 2014
Where: Linköping University, Sweden

A Conference for PhD students, other scholars, artists, and activists, interested in conversations across borders between academia, art and activism.

Organized by the Swedish-International Gender Research School, InterGender.

The conference will gather academic scholars, PhD students in particular, artists and activists. Excitable writing encompasses the problems connected to academic knowledge production and writing. In academia, writing is often seen as an instrumental add-on, instead of understood as an integrated part of research and learning processes – a part which can sustain processes of disruption and resistance to inherent discrimination structures, powerful conventions and rituals, but which can also prolong exclusions and protect elitist practices.

In this conference, we will explore the exciting perspectives of writing:

  • writing as a passionate and playful way to produce transformative knowledge and poetic, world making truths,
  • writing as a way to sustain research and learning processes,
  • writing as way to break boundaries between the academic, the poetic and the political.

More information: www.intergender.net

new phd positions in music

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Luleå University of Technology announces two new artistic PhD positions in music. See information (in Swedish only) at the LTU webpage.

peter osborne, lecture

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The Royal Institute of Art launches The Domain of the Great Bear
with: “Information, Image, Story: Some Conceptual Aspects of Contemporary Art”
A Lecture by Peter Osborne, Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University, London

As the didactic titles of three canonical New York exhibitions indicate (The Machine at the End of the Mechanical Age curated by Pontus Hulten (1968) and ‘Information’ curated by Kynaston Mc Shine (1970) both at MoMA, and ‘Software: Information Technology – Its New Meaning for Art’ (1970) curated by Jack Burnham at the Jewish Museum) analyses of the social significance of conceptual art have tended to rely upon technologically based narratives about the changing communicational forms of modernity. Walter’s Benjamin’s 1936 account of the ‘destruction of tradition’ and the replacement of ‘the story’ by ‘information’ has provided a model here. On the one hand, the uses of digital imaging in contemporary art appear to confirm and extend such technological narratives of conceptual content (misrecognized as ‘dematerialization’ and ‘immaterial labour’), yet, on the other, they complicate them by virtue of the pervasiveness of the image.

More information: domain.pdf

jean-luc nancy

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French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, author of the book Listening among others, is lecturing at Södertörns högskola on September 4, 15-18. More information on the website.

On September 5 Nancy is at Konstakademien with a group of musicians on the topic of improvisation. More information on the website.

artistic research residency 2016 – ircam

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The artistic research residency program is open to composers, professional musicians, choreographers, stage directors, sound designers, and students who wish to carry out musical and artistic experimental research using IRCAM facilities and extensive research environment. 
Upon nomination, each candidate will be granted a residency in an associated laboratory during a specific period that will range from three to six months long. During this period, candidates will work in association with a team/project at IRCAM, carry out the artistic and scientific experimental work associated with their proposed project, and participate in the intellectual life of the institute.
 At the end of their stay, candidates will be invited to share the results of their work with the international musical research community in the form of documentation and public presentations.

Read more about this call at the website.

choreo poetics of disenchantment


Place: Tensta Konsthall
Credit: 1 ECTS

December 5 or 6-7

with Irit Rogoff, André Lepecki and LTTR

Lectures are trans_mediated, speeches delivered anew, bodies, patterns and circumstances are displaced, and subjects rearranged. Participants and audiences are invited to re-perform proposed moves and speeches, whilst intertwining with hosting discoursivity. Main intention of the event is to operate in terms of sociality, criticality and poetics, so that a common trans_choreography may be poetically perceived and critically articulated.

Scholars André Lepecki and Irit Rogoff provide theoretical insight, ccap the choreographic scores and accidents for production of response. LTTR contributes with its own (exhibited) discoursivity.

Please contact Emma Kihl for more information.

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