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museum of the sketches: 80th anniversary

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The Museum of the Sketches in Lund celebrates its 80th anniversary on Saturday October 25. The events start at 12pm and features Konstnärliga Forskarskolan PhD Sara Wilén among others. More information at the Museum website.

can art save the world?

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Artistic research: What is in it for the artists


When: October 29, 17:00 – 19:30
Where: Linnégatan 87, rum L502, 5 tr.

Can art save the world is the first seminar in a series of open gatherings concerning the role of artistic research in a number of different fields. To critique, speculate about, discuss and dream about the position and function of artistic research in the art world, the society and for the individual artist.

The panel consists of:

  • Carolina Blixt, opera singer
  • Henrik Agger, Acrobalance, circus artist
  • Louise von Euler Bjurholm, Acrobalance, circus artist
  • Marie Samuelsson, composer
  • Staffan Julén, director and photographer

Camilla Damkjaer, responsible for the research education at Uniarts will act as moderator.

courses: Investigative Publishing


Place: Stockholm
Credit: 1 ECTS

November 5-7

The idea with the workshop is to look at different ways of working with text, images and publication within an artistic research practice. Besides the course leaders Cecilia Grönberg och Jonas (J) Magnusson (editors of the magazine OEI) the book-theorist/historian Anne Mœglin-Delcroix, Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris 1 – Sorbonne. Moeglin-Delcroix was formerly in charge of the artist book collection at the Print Department of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and is the author of Esthétique du livre d’artiste: une introduction à l’art contemporain. She co-curates The Reprint Collection, an initiative devoted to reprinting artists’ books from the early 1960s onwards. And the american poet and Warhol-expert Tan Lin, with focus to produce an “ambient” literature in relation to digital technologies and with a focus on print and demand etc. Also, Sylvie Boulanger, director for CNEAI (a national art center). CNEAI is devoted to artists’ publication. Founded in 2004 by Cneai, Salon LIght became over a few years an unmissable rendezvous for micro-publishers and artist’s publication in Paris.


the domain of the great bear


Where: The Royal Institute of Art
When: November 3, 16:00


Forensis: Architecture at the Threshold of Detectibility
A Lecture by Eyal Weizman, Professor of Spatial & Visual Cultures, and Director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London

In his lecture, Eyal Weizman will also present work undertaken with the Forensic Architecture teams in relation to urban and architectural destruction in Israel/Palestine, environmental violence in Guatemala and their research for the UN on drone warfare in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. Forensic Architecture, an agency composed of artists, filmmakers and architectural researchers, uses architecture as sensor and an agent that can detect political force-fields and respond to them. Weizman will show how architectural methods and new sensing technologies could be used to expose the logic of violent conflict while raising a host of conceptual problems to do with the thresholds of vision and law.

deciding to say yes to things

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Malin Arnell activities


October 27-November 16

Kapitel, Kaput, Kapital, Kapitulera, Capitulum:\of a text and a part of the arm, a collaboration among others

Malin Arnell will be collaborating with Imri Sandströn and Fia Backström this fall. Between October 27 and November 16, they share their process at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in Stockholm. The exhibition is curated by Nathalie Åhbeck.

  • Förtätning/Densification #1: Saturday, 1 November, 7pm
  • Förtätning/Densification #2: Sunday, 16 November, 2pm-5pm

Regular opening hours:

  • Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
  • Saturday 11am-3pm

December 5, sometime between 7:45pm and 9:45pm

Setting the Scene

Malin is also working on a new full-evening piece for the Movement Research Festival, Fall 2014 at Danspace Project | St. Mark’s Church in New York. Curated by Rebecca Brooks, Daria Faïn, and Shelley Senter.

October 26, 4pm-10pm

SUNDAY RUN_UP with Hanna Wildow, Sara Ruddock, Joakim Nyström, Malin Arnell,

Sebastian Lingserius, Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Elin Magnusson, Cecilia Parsberg, Liv Strand, Marcus Doverud. SUNDAY RUN_UP is organized by ccap and Cristina Caprioli, Philip Berlin and Ulrika Berg at Design Hall, LM Ericsson Väg 14, Stockholm.

November 8, 6pm-10pm

Release for Johanna Gustavssons book “Jag gör vi varje dag.” at Konsthall C.

  • 6:30pm Film screening: Monica M. by Karin Michalski
  • 7:30pm Mona Gustavsson, Malin Arnell and Zafire Vrba are reading aloud from the book “Jag gör vi varje dag.”

November 15, around 11am

A 15 minutes performance during Creative Time Summit: Stockholm, at Kulturhuset.

November 22, 11am-6pm

Frédéric Gies artistic development project “Bad Girls’ Practice” at Stockholms konstnärliga högskola, Linnégatan 87

institut für künstlerische forschung berlin

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News from !KF


On 17 and 18 October 2014 !KF will be part of the workshop Experiment: a key category of modernity between aesthetics, politics and science by historian Thomas Etzemüller and art historian Anja Zimmermann at LMU Munich with the experiment on the Joy of Anger.

Artist Elena Cologni invites to a round table addressing dialogue in different forms, as performative, and in some cases pre-linguistic, and informing interdisciplinary approaches at the BIBAC 2014 international conference at University of Cambridge: Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures from October 24 till 26. She will discuss together with Gulsen Bal (Istanbul Bilgi University/TU Vienna), Tahira Fitzwilliam-Hall (Kettles Yard and Wysing Arts Centre), Anna Santomauro (Vessel), and Julian Klein (!KF).

Finally, as always since the last three years, !KF will also continue to perform Hans Schleif once a month at Deutsches Theater Berlin.

October 24 – 26, University of Cambridge

October 29, 20:00 and November 30, 19:30, Deutsches Theater Berlin

Hans Schleif: Eine Spurensuche von Matthias Neukirch und Julian Klein

November 27 – 29, Hochschule der Künste Bern und Hochschule für Musik Basel

Performing voice. Vokalität im Fokus angewandter Interpretationsforschung
Internationales Symposium und Festival in Bern und Basel

course: editorial poetry

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The poetic utterance as circulation and (re)materialization
Place: Marseille
Credit: 1 ECTS

November 21-23 (20/11 travel day)

The workshop is constructed around a visit to cipM—centre international de poésie Marseille and it consists of an introduction, individual work, and presentations. The first day, Beata Berggren and Martin Högström present their own works as poets and as small press poetry publishers, with a focus on reproduction technical aspects. They will further introduce some different methods of transcription, copying and (re)materializations in contemporary poetry. In the afternoon, Éric Giraud, head librarian at cipM, will present cipM and the collection. Later in the afternoon we visit Éric Pesty, publisher at the poetry press Éric Pesty Éditeur; the visit takes place at the letterpress print shop l’Annexe where Pesty composes and prints poetry books and the poetry magazine K.O.S.H.K.O.N.O.N.G. The second day will be spent at the cipM library for individual exploration and for work on the basis of a task articulated by Beata Berggren and Martin Högström.

Please contact Emma Kihl for more information.

jar6 online



The five contributions to this new issue come from artistic researchers working in, and between, the fields of art, intervention, writing, music, sound, and performance: Paulo de Assis (BE), Vappu Jalonen (FI), Kaisu Koski (FI), Daphne Plessner (GB), & Jan Schacher (CH), Cathy van Eck (NL/BE), Kirsten Reese (DE), and Trond Lossius (NO).

Browse the issue here.

fröken julie

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Where: Strindbergs Intima Teater, Stockholm
When: October 19 and 20

PhD candidate at StDH, Anna Petterson, is playing her acclaimed production of Strindberg’s Fröken Julie on a tour arranged by Riksteatern. The performances are

  • 12/10 Luleå
  • 15/10 Östersund
  • 19/10 Stockholm
  • 20/10 Stockholm
  • 22/10 Motala
  • 24/10 Varberg
  • 27/10 Halmstad
  • 29/10 Kristianstad
  • 6/11 Hudiksvall
  • 7/11 Sundsvall
  • 9/11 Södertälje


  • 11/11 Åbo, Finland

More information about the play.

elia and eu politics

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ELIA Representative Board Expresses Dismay at Proposal to Appoint Tibor Navracsics as the EU Commissioner-designate for Culture, Education Youth and Citizenship

The European association of art schools joins high politics and takes position against proposed nominee Tibor Navracsics as the EU Commissioner-designate for Culture, Education Youth and Citizenship. “In his role as Minister of Justice (2010 – 2014)” says ELIA in its recent newsletter “and as Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister since June 2014 Tibor Navracsics and the controversial Fidesz party has been responsible for systematically building up a climate of hostility against ethnic minorities and people committed to freedom of artistic and intellectual expression in Hungary.

ELIA shares and supports the views expressed by Culture Action Europe.

Read more on the ELIA website.

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