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artistic experimentation in music: an anthology

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Edited by: Darla Crispin, Bob Gilmore

Essential reading for anyone interested in artistic research applied to music This book is the first anthology of writings about the emerging subject of artistic experimentation in music. This subject, as part of the cross-disciplinary field of artistic research, cuts across boundaries of the conventional categories of performance practice, music analysis, aesthetics, and music pedagogy. The book critically examines experimentation in music of different historical eras. Accompanied by a CD and by an online resource of video illustrations.

Orpheus Institute

the chorus of giving and the chorus of begging

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When: August 23–September 14, kl.12-18 (opening reception: August 23, 16:00)
Where: Six joined containers behind Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg


In the exhibition MOTBILDER, artistic director for ICIA, Anna van der Vliet, presents a new film and sound installation by Cecilia Parsberg.

The political is the very foundation of my artistic work. The political happens every day, between people in my neighborhood, people who share my existence. I see and feel a physical and mental distance between those on their knees on the street and passers by, between beggars and givers. The viewer is invited into that space “in-between.” There is a dialogue, or lack of dialogue, between the two choruses; between voices, facial expressions and bodies. The installation “The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging” is an embodiment of this experiential space. A mirror of the situation that everybody can experience on the street and refer to in their day-to-day lives. It is my hope that art will make visible this in-between space – which seems difficult to talk about – as a space for action; and thus contribute to the possibility for political action in and about this space.

More information at tiggerisomyrke.se.
Radio: http://sverigesradio.se/p1/tendens

“The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging” is part of Cecilia Parsberg’s research: How do you become a succesful beggar in Sweden?

future jam: horizons

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Where: Tensta Konsthall
When: Sunday 30.3, 14:00

Haunted by Shadows of the Future – HORIZONSthe-time-tunnel-tensta1

A jam session on probable, speculative, or perhaps rather unseemly futures for Tensta in the year 2030. Starring: Adam Tensta, Dougald Hine, Gunilla Lundahl and Tor Lindstrand. Featuring: STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić + Marc Neelen) and Peter Lang.

An attempt to
 re-set Tensta into probable, speculative, or perhaps rather unseemly futures in the year 2030. Will this, yet unknown Tensta be an autonomous zone, where the residents of this disregarded part of Stockholm have successfully taken their destiny into their own hands? Or 
will its multi-facetted society prove so vital that this “new Sweden” comes to dominate the entire country by 2030? Or will Tensta’s original but unfulfilled mission – of creating an environment that acknowledges and gives space to a fully liberated and democratic model citizen – ultimately be re-created? And what would such a citizens’ liberation and equality mean if we could live it today?


new events museum, new york

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Sing, Yell, Tell: A Panel on Voice

As part of the upcoming exhibition of Jeanine Oleson’s exhibition Hear, Here the New Events Museum is presenting Sing, Yell, Tell, a public panel bringing together experts who will discuss the notion of voice, from technical concerns to political potential to affective possibilities. This is the beginning of a full Season exploration of VOICE, ranging from the relationships between vocal performers and engaged audiences to voice as agency in political work. Is there a connection between the discernment of an audience and the galvanizing of political agency when viewing the world stage? Is the affective power of another’s voice an activating force? Is there a historic connection between care, queerness, cultural criticism, and activist voice?


goldin+senneby discussion

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Where: Collective gallery, Edinbourgh
When: January 23, 2014

In this discussion event, three key specialists who have contributed to Goldin+Senneby’s Collective project will talk about what they do and how they have been involved.

Speakers: Philip Grant (anthropologist & former equity fund manager), Donald MacKenzie (sociologist) and Mark Jeary (actor).

See Collective website for more information.

malin arnell: the oncoming corner #8/9


Malin Arnell is continuing her series of monthly gatherings in her apartment in Brooklyn, NYC.  Two events are coming up:

  • The Oncoming Corner #8 November 17 2013 5pm-7:30pm with Liv Strand and AUNTS/Laurie Berg and Liliana Dirks-Goodman
  • The Oncoming Corner #9 December 1 2013 5pm-7:30pm with Ulrika Gomm


the documentary dramaturgy

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When: September 16, 15:00 – 17:00
Where: STDH Valhallavägen 189, Cinema, D-building


Artistic developmentwork: seminar with Bengt Bok och Tove Torbiörnsson on Bengt’s book: The Documentary Dramaturgy (Carlssons publishing, 2013)

Tove Torbiörnsson, film maker and deputy director at the Swedish Film Institute, and Bengt Bok, documentary filmmaker and professor at StDH will discuss Bengt’s book, itself a discussion concerning thoughts and questions surrounding his own work and the documentary story telling. Intertwined with his diary notes are recollections of meetings and production oriented thoughts as well as questions surounding the structures of his dokumentaries.

Prior notification no later than September 9 by sending email to Elisabeth Möller or calling 08-120 531 59.

artist’s talk: ross birell


When: May 28, 18.00-21.00
Where: Mount Analogue, Lundagatan 57, Stockholm.

Ross Birrell DUET, invited by  Tris Vonna-Michell, will talk about his recent series of film and music works including Guantanamera, In der Fruhe, Quartet, and DUET, an installation at the Rothko Chapel, to mark the 65th anniversary of the formation of the Israeli State and the Palestinian Nakba, 14-15 May 2013.

A publication from the project Mejan Residents has been produced by Mathew Newton and Jonas Fridén and may be downloaded here.

sara wilén 25%

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October 20 – October 21 Sara Wilén welcomes you to her 25 %! Thursday October 20 there will be a performance with the two ensembles Operaimprovisatörerna and Impromans at 19.30 pm in Rosenbergssalen at the Malmö Academy of Music. Friday October 21 there will be a seminar on her work so far between 9-12 am at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö, with Sven Kristersson as critical reviewer. (photo Carl Thorborg)

projects funded by VR 2011

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Out of 53 applications in the area of artistic research and development 10 projects have now been selected to receive funding for the next years through Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council). The project leaders are Cristina Caprioli (University of Dance and Circus), Hanna Hallgren(Södertörn University, supervisor in Konstnärliga forskarskolan) , Ricardo Atienza Badel (Museum of Architecture), Anna Laine (Etnografiska museet) Mikael Lundberg (Moderna museet), Palle Torsson, (Linköpings universitet), Anna Lundberg (Linköpings universitet), Per Nilsson (Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, supervisor in Konstnärliga forskarskolan), Stefan Östersjö (Malmö Academy of Music) and Erling Björgvinsson (Malmö university).
Konstnärliga forskarskolan congratulates! A full project list with titles can be found here (in Swedish) .

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