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last semester meeting Belgrade 3-6 May 2015

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This semester meeting will organised by Ana Dzokic, Marc Neelan, Frida Hållander and Olivia Plender.
The theme will be “Institutions vs. Self-organisation and Self-institutionalisation”, and was chosen early, partly as a response to the decision of closing down of Konstnärliga forskarskolan in early autumn 2014, but also by its congeniality both to self-organisation as an historical land-mark of the particular strand of socialism in former Yugoslavia, and to the many forms of self-organisation necessary for artists, cultural producers and NGOs in in the political and economical conditions of contemporary Serbia – very different to the Swedish art and research context with long-established institutions.
The semester meeting will take on the format of several joint and parallel “walking seminars” throughout the city, thematically organised and guided by knowledgeable artists, theorists and activists. Joint dinners and breakfasts will be used as informal spaces for sharing insights and discussions. More information on the meeting can be found here.
Please contact Emma Kihl (emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) for signing up or for further questions.

sunny days at fårö semester meeting!

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10154559_797685836923288_7342308416807579573_n(photos: Kirsi Nevanti)

semester meeting at Fårö 25-28 april 2014

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The semester meeting spring 2014 will be held 25-28 April at Fårö (island north of Gotland, Sweden) and is organized by Nils ClaessonBruno FariaKirsi Nevanti and Thanh Thuy Nguyen.
This meeting will focus on relationships between film making and music making , using the organizing artists professional expertise in the area, but also taking one of it’s points of departures the landscape of Fårö, where director Ingmar Bergman lived and worked for a large part of his life.
Screenings, experiments  and research presentations by Birgitta Nordström, Mårten Medbo and Jörgen Dahlqvist will be interweaved with excursions  (“we will move your bodies”-tour with Ylva Gislén and “bergman safari” with Elisabet Edlund from the Bergman Center) – and a lot of talking and walking! Download schedule here and please contact Emma Kihl (emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) for signing up or for further questions.

semester meeting 23-25/9

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The up coming semester meeting is organized by PhD-students Marjan Kooroshina and Stefanie Malmgreen de Oliveira. The meeting is structured as an open, collective workshop around textile and dress with different focal points.

One part of the workshop explores the relationship between music and textile through techniques of knitting. Through the programming of a knitting machine, music compositions can direct the knitting patterns based on notes and movement. Another possibility for the exploration of textile and music is the creation of sound making textiles. By the use of, for example, conductive yarn, a connection to a lili-pad can be created, which can then be used to create sound and further to experiment with compositions of sound. This part is held by Jussi Mikkonen and Marjan Kooroshnia.

An other part aims to explore/question/rethink definitions of dress and dance and their relations to body, movement and space. Experimenting with different types of “garment” to find different ways of performing and wearing. This part is held by Ulrik Martin Larsen and Stefanie Malmgreen de Oliveira.

The meeting is held at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

semester meeting 25-27 march 2013, malmö

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The semester meeting 25-27 March 2013 “Performative Spaces” is organized by Jonas Forssell, Petra Fransson, Kent Olofsson, Christina Ouzonidis and Sara Wilén. The meeting will take place from 12:00 on Monday 25th to 12:00 on Wednesday 27th in Malmö at IAC: Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29 in Malmö.
During the meeting, performances, presentations, workshops and discussions will be intertwined, offering a diversity of perspectives on the theme. In order to give all participants possibilities to create their own pathway through and by their own experiences, the semester meeting will start by introductory events, and end with a joint gathering. Our supervisors are all invited to join the meeting.
Invited lecturers/presenters are Mellika Melouani Melani, theatre/opera director, Magnus Lindman, dramaturge, Susanne Rosenberg, folk singer and PhD student, Erik Rynell, theatre researcher, Stefan Östersjö, guitarist and music researcher, and more to be announced.
PhD-students and senior researchers are invited to present their own research in formats of their own choice. Deadline for submitting an interest for presentation is February 20th, by email to: sara.wilen@mhm.lu.se
A preliminary schedule (details can be subject to change) can be found here.
Please contact Emma before February 20th if you need help with accommodation in Malmö.

semester meeting 24 – 26 september 2012

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The semester meeting fall 2012 will take place in Stockholm and is organized by Petra Bauer, Simon Goldin, Janna Holmstedt, Mette Ingvartsen & Elke Marhöfer. The core of the meeting consists of two parallel workshops, signed up for in advance.
One workshop is a “double bill” and will be hosted by literary researcher Christina Kullberg together with choreographers Stina Nyberg, Uri Turkenich and Halla Ólafsdóttir . Two different strands of thinking will be introduced, which both focuses on how to speak through one’s practice, each taking the work of Caribbean poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant as point of departure. Read more about the workshop and required preparations here.
The other workshop, led by artist Natascha Sadr Haghighian, will discuss approaches to knowledge and sovereignity that are tied to experience, to fieldwork beyond the factual and are based on a substantial doubt in the established knowledge categories and the institutions that produce and regulate knowledge and above all a substantial doubt in the construction of the real. Read Natascha’s introduction and required preparations here. The semester meeting will start with joint events introducing the workshops, and end with a joint gathering.
Questions regarding the semester meeting can be addressed to coordinator Emma Kihl at emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se 


semester meeting gothenburg march 19-21

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The upcoming semester meeting will take place in Gothenburg March 19-21. Cecilia Parsberg and Peter Spissky are the producers, and the theme of the seminar will be the meeting and the dialogue between different fields of knowledge: dialogue as an epistemological experience, all departing from the assumption that understanding takes place in a social room. The full description of the theme and a schedule can be downloaded here. During the semester meeting the participants will also partake in an Artlab evening at Atalante, featuring Nils Claesson and Elisabet Yanagisawa Avén (both recent PhD candidates in Konstnärliga forskarskolan) in a conversation with Ole Lutzow Holm, as well as in the 75 % seminar of composer Sten Sandell at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing arts at the University of Gothenburg. Any questions concerning the theme can be addressed to Cecilia Parsberg or Peter Spissky, practical questions concerning food and or accomodation can be addressed to coordinator Emma Kihl at emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se

program EUFRAD 2011


A more detailed program, as well as further information on the different workshop groups during the EUFRAD 2011 event (also corresponding to Konstnärliga forskarskolan’s semester meeting this fall) can now be accessed here. There are still some locations to be confirmed and information to come , more material will be published continuously!
We also say a warm welcome to our event coordinators Koen Vanhove and Julia Asperska from Key performance who can respond to any practical questions you might have concerning the event – their coordinates are to be found in the EUFRAD 2011 page as well.

semester meeting september 27-30 2011/EUFRAD

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The third semester meeting of Konstnärliga forskarskolan will be organized together with the University of Dance and Circus hosting the european doctoral conference EUFRAD 2011 in Stockholm in collaboration with the all the higher seats of learning in the arts in the city. This means the previously announced dates are slightly changed and extended to September 27-30. The full invitation and more information can be found here. Please note that PhD candidates formally associated to Konstnärliga forskarskolan should follow a different registration process since semester meetings are part of the mandatory activities!

open space reports

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The compilation of the open space reports during the 2nd semester meeting of Konstnärliga forskarskolan, at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö during February 7-9, can now be downloaded here: openspacereports110208 And please feel free to mail any comments or questions, new ideas and suggestions as to future programming to director Ylva Gislén at ylva@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se!

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