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jar7 online


Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), issue 7, is now online with contributions by Andreas Aase (NO), Ainara Elgoibar (ES), Cynthia Kros & Georges Pfruender (ZA), Caroline Picard (US) and Lucy Tuma & Jens Badura (CH).
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  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2015
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international publication

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Forskarskolan PhD Sara Wilén has published a paper in Esmuc Digital published by Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya. The title of the paper is A kaleidoscope of interactions and the material describes her investigating this question together with the ensemble Operaimprovisatörerna, and discusses perspectives on artistic research methods and preliminary results as one part of this PhD project.

february 28: jar deadline


As noted earlier, JAR, the Journal for Artistic Research, has a deadline on Saturday for submissions to JAR 8.

The call can be read here.

call for articles: ruukku 4


RUUKKU 4: Process in artistic research

This Finnish publication for artistic research is bringing up thought provoking questions in the call for its latest issue:

“Is process something that artists rely on when they no longer know what they are doing? Is the advice to ‘trust the process’ just an example of the mystifying language used within arts education, or is the artistic process a magical tool similar to the transformations of the alchemists? Are process descriptions merely the broad mainstream of artistic research, or a method of knowledge production for the ambitious artistic researcher? Can process become the medium of research? What kind of institutional processes are built around artistic research?”

Established in 2013, RUUKKU is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal for artistic research. It is published on Research Catalogue (RC), an international publication platform and database that enables multimedia elements. RUUKKU is published in Finnish, Swedish and English. The fourth issue of RUUKKU, published in spring 2015, focuses on the theme of ‘Process in Artistic Research’. We encourage all artistic researchers, – within academic research and from the art world –, to join us in developing RUUKKU into an inviting, useful and evolving publication.

We ask you to write your proposals or drafts for research in the RC catalogue (RC) . Note! The catalogue requires user rights and registration (see ‘register’). Please submit your proposals both via the RC catalogue (‘publish’, ‘submit’, and ‘Ruukku’) and by email toannette.arlander@uniarts.fi and markus.kuikka@uniarts.fi no later than 15 February 2015.

jar submission deadline

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template-sar.png While the publication of JAR6 is immanent, the next submission deadline for Journal for Artistic Research (September 8, 2014) is coming up fast.

Submissions can be made through the Research Catalogue until September 8, 2014. Should you have any questions or require help with submitting, please contact Barnaby Drabble barnaby.drabble@jar-online.net

parse: publication and conference

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PARSE is an international art and research publishing and conferencing initiative based at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. It seeks to promote an innovative multidisciplinary research culture in the arts (understood as including music, performing arts, art, design, architecture, literature, film and media.) In creating dialogues and exploring collaborations between researchers in the arts and in other disciplines, PARSE respects the need for the integrity, freedom and specificity of artistic practices.

Combining a biennial research conference and a twice-annually published peer-review research journal (print and online), PARSE provides a forum for dialogue between artistic researchers and researchers from other domains and disciplines.

glänta, parsperg and migration

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glanta Begging and giving in free movement Europe: The informal politics of distribution on the streets – begging, giving – makes visible the faults inherent to the European welfare system (see more at Eurozine), writes Cecilia Parsberg.

“Free movement is intended to open up national borders, but when poor EU citizens make use of this freedom to travel and do what they can to make money within the framework of the law, they are met by rules and statutes that aim to prevent them from enjoying this possibility.”

Parsberg‘s text is accompanied by a series of photographs of places were beggars usually sit: street corners, subway stations, department store entrances. But what is left is only a trace: a piece of cardboard, an empty cup, a pile of warm clothes. The effect is at least as unheimlich as Lina Ekdahl’s poem.

jar 5 available


The fifth edition of JAR (Journal for Artistic Research) is now online.

Contributions to this new issue come from artistic researchers working in and between the fields of fine art, choreography, photography, performance, and arts education:

Jaimie Henthorn (US), Juliet Macdonald (GB), Teemu Mäki (FI), Sheilah Wilson (CA), and Amber Yared and Heather Davis (CA).

Through its open submission policy on the back of a very general concern (‘artistic research’), JAR attempts to challenge any one meaning of ‘artistic research’ by moving the emphasis from narrow definitions of ‘discipline’, which regulate what is and what is not possible at any given time, to epistemic engagements in artistic practice in their widest and most diverse form. This challenge is a direct result of JAR’s commitment to publish expositions of practice as research, that is, to follow notions of research as they emerge from artistic practice.

book release

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Where: Restaurang Teaterköket, StDH (T-huset), Valhallavägen 193.methodos
When: Wednesday 26 March, 17.30

FSL welcomes you to a release of both the book METHODOSKonsten kunskap, kunskapens konst on of the latest issue of KRITIKER, nr 30.

Love Derwinger x 3 performs the texts Interpretation and Reparation – En improvisation from the most recent release of the periodical Kritiker
Mats Persson plays music by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist.
A conversation on art and method with: Jan Håfström, Christina Ouzounidis, Jonna Hjertström Lappalainen, Mats Persson and Magnus William-Olsson.

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journal of sonic studies issue no.6


The open access journal of sonic studies provides a platform for theorists and artists who would like to present relevant work regarding auditory culture, that is, discuss the impact and importance of sound for and in (contemporary) culture, human behavior, art, science, etc.
Since a couple of days issue no. 6, a special edition on sound design, is online with e.g. contributions about the sounds of a Harley Davidson, a Nespresso coffee maker, sounds in hospitals, the use of sounds in films and games, etc.

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