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acts of creation

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The forthcoming anthology on supervision in artistic research education, produced by Konstnärliga forskarskolan and published by Brutus Östling/Symposion is currently printed, and will be released 8th of September 2015. Acts of Creation. Thoughts on Artistic Research Supervision is edited by Henrik Frisk, Karin Johansson and Åsa Lindberg-Sand and features texts also by Sverker Jullander, Tove Torbiörnsson, Ylva Gislén, Hinrich Sachs, Anders Sonesson, Andreas Gedin and Bryndis Snaebjørnsdottir.

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  • Published: Apr 13th, 2015
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knowledge of art, the art of knowledge

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A Swedish anthology on the increasing demand on artists to reflect, refer and describe their practice, edited by poet Magnus William Olsson has been released. What is the impact of knowledge on the traditions, practicies and perspectives?

More information on the book may be found here.

conflict of the faculties

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Henk Borgdorff’s book The conflict of the faculties is now available as Open Access from openaccess.leidenuniv.nl.

art, research, empowerment

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Efva Lilja’s new book Art, Research, Empowerment: The artist as researcher is written from the artist’s perspective. She has experience that gives her unique insights in the developments of what whe refers to as the Swedish system for artistic research education. In her own words “it explores how the artistic researcher can enhance art, artistic education, markets and commercial values. Increased knowledge makes constructive use of resistance and restraints; it empowers networks for cooperation. A field of research in flux demands new strategies for taking a stand. Research is one way to do it.

bookrelease: access to resources – an urban agenda

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Where: Royal Institute of Art
When: November 27, 18:00 (press 17:00-18:00)


Editor Henrietta Palmer

“The urban environment is in a constant state of change, a constant state of ‘becoming’. Each period in history has had its specific driving forces for change and corresponding solutions for directing change towards the city imagined and desired at that time. But our current era differs dramatically from earlier epochs as it faces seemingly overwhelming forces like the depletion of fossil fuels and climate change with their unforeseen impacts on the urban. Looking beyond the crunch, Access to Resources brings together a multidisciplinary group of major thinkers and practitioners alongside Resources participants to offer scenarios and visions for a complex yet hopeful picture of an urban future in common.”

After 19.15: Bar, DJ Lap-See Lam + Jin Mustafa

More info in attached PDF: urbagenda

artistic experimentation in music: an anthology

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Edited by: Darla Crispin, Bob Gilmore

Essential reading for anyone interested in artistic research applied to music This book is the first anthology of writings about the emerging subject of artistic experimentation in music. This subject, as part of the cross-disciplinary field of artistic research, cuts across boundaries of the conventional categories of performance practice, music analysis, aesthetics, and music pedagogy. The book critically examines experimentation in music of different historical eras. Accompanied by a CD and by an online resource of video illustrations.

Orpheus Institute

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book release

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Where: Restaurang Teaterköket, StDH (T-huset), Valhallavägen 193.methodos
When: Wednesday 26 March, 17.30

FSL welcomes you to a release of both the book METHODOSKonsten kunskap, kunskapens konst on of the latest issue of KRITIKER, nr 30.

Love Derwinger x 3 performs the texts Interpretation and Reparation – En improvisation from the most recent release of the periodical Kritiker
Mats Persson plays music by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist.
A conversation on art and method with: Jan Håfström, Christina Ouzounidis, Jonna Hjertström Lappalainen, Mats Persson and Magnus William-Olsson.

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  • Published: Jan 30th, 2014
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experimental systems: future knowledge in artistic research

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A new book on the Orpheus Institute Series has recently been published, edited by Michael Schwab, and titled Experimental Systems, Future Knowledge in Artistic Research. It includes articles by docARTES PhD Henk Borgdorff and docARTES PhD supervisors Darla Crispin and Peter Peters.

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  • Published: Jan 10th, 2014
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new book on artistic research


The Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia

Edited by Michael Schwab & Henk Borgdorff
Leiden University Press 2014
isbn 978-908-72-8164-9

The Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia introduces the pioneering concept of ‘expositions’ in the context of art and design research, where practice needs to be exposed as research to enter academic discourse. It brings together reflective and methodological approaches to exposition writing from a variety of artistic disciplines including fine art, music and design, which it links to questions of publication and the use of technology. The book proposes a novel relationship to knowledge, where the form in which this knowledge emerges and the mode in which it is communicated makes a difference to what is known.


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