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PARSE – call for contributions

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The 1st PARSE biennial research conference on TIME.


The first biennial PARSE conference at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (November 5 and 6, 2015) takes as its point of departure the question of TIME. Contributions are invited in the form of papers, presentations, artistic interventions, readings, panels, performances, public actions, screenings and workshops. We are especially interested in contributions that critically reflect upon, and/or in someway work to modifythe familiar conventions of the academic paper, the panel discussion and the artist’s talk. The deadline for proposals is 1st March 2015, however, we are accepting proposals for peer review from July 1st 2014, and we recommend early submission.

More information here

final seminar

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On Wednesday 15 january at 13-16 Thomas Laurien will present his final seminar on Händelser på ytan – shibori som kunskapande rörelse in Stora Hörsalen, Room 338, HDK. Oponent will be Professor emeritus Nina Malterud, Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

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  • Published: Dec 30th, 2014
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cecilia parsberg in malmö

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In late November Cecilia Parsberg presented her project at the Tacit or Loud festival and conference. She also did a workshop and Sydsvenska Dagbladet wrote about it.

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  • Published: Nov 24th, 2014
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art philosophy

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The Royal Institute of Art/Kungl. Konsthögskolan in Stockholm announces:

The International Visiting Chair in Philosophy in the Context of Art

Professor Peter Osborne & Professor Catherine Malabou

About The International Visiting Chair

Professors Peter Osborne and Catherine Malabou will share the position. It is designed to encompass a range of annual projects based on the reflexive relocation of ongoing research in modern European philosophy into the context of postgraduate education at the Royal Institute of Art. The programme will involve research taking the form of, for example, an investigation of the current state of one or two concepts central to philosophical research that have a distinct but as yet unexplored relevance to art practices and discourses more generally. These concepts may be philosophical versions of concepts that have historically been a part of art discourse – such as form, image, and the interesting (Osborne) – or they may be concepts derived from the history of philosophy or current scientific practices, such as inscription and plasticity (Malabou). In each case, the research will intervene directly in the current philosophical debates about the concepts at stake and will reflect on the experience of presenting this research within the context of art education.

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  • Published: Oct 17th, 2014
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institut für künstlerische forschung berlin

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News from !KF


On 17 and 18 October 2014 !KF will be part of the workshop Experiment: a key category of modernity between aesthetics, politics and science by historian Thomas Etzemüller and art historian Anja Zimmermann at LMU Munich with the experiment on the Joy of Anger.

Artist Elena Cologni invites to a round table addressing dialogue in different forms, as performative, and in some cases pre-linguistic, and informing interdisciplinary approaches at the BIBAC 2014 international conference at University of Cambridge: Building Interdisciplinary Bridges Across Cultures from October 24 till 26. She will discuss together with Gulsen Bal (Istanbul Bilgi University/TU Vienna), Tahira Fitzwilliam-Hall (Kettles Yard and Wysing Arts Centre), Anna Santomauro (Vessel), and Julian Klein (!KF).

Finally, as always since the last three years, !KF will also continue to perform Hans Schleif once a month at Deutsches Theater Berlin.

October 24 – 26, University of Cambridge

October 29, 20:00 and November 30, 19:30, Deutsches Theater Berlin

Hans Schleif: Eine Spurensuche von Matthias Neukirch und Julian Klein

November 27 – 29, Hochschule der Künste Bern und Hochschule für Musik Basel

Performing voice. Vokalität im Fokus angewandter Interpretationsforschung
Internationales Symposium und Festival in Bern und Basel

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  • Published: Sep 30th, 2014
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elia and eu politics

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ELIA Representative Board Expresses Dismay at Proposal to Appoint Tibor Navracsics as the EU Commissioner-designate for Culture, Education Youth and Citizenship

The European association of art schools joins high politics and takes position against proposed nominee Tibor Navracsics as the EU Commissioner-designate for Culture, Education Youth and Citizenship. “In his role as Minister of Justice (2010 – 2014)” says ELIA in its recent newsletter “and as Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister since June 2014 Tibor Navracsics and the controversial Fidesz party has been responsible for systematically building up a climate of hostility against ethnic minorities and people committed to freedom of artistic and intellectual expression in Hungary.

ELIA shares and supports the views expressed by Culture Action Europe.

Read more on the ELIA website.

research council announces artistic research grants



The Swedish Research council has anounced its research grants for 2015 and forward. This year there has been an exact equality between male and female applicants, and a majority of the granted applications were from female applicants. In the arts research funding, gender distribution among professors and wages have become much more equal than in other parts of the academic world. A total of 8 applications were granted support (16%).

Before having looked more closely at the projects granted support we may lean on Jan Kaila’s assurement that these projects show methodological awareness in subjects distributed in litterature, music, film, architecture and visual art. It is however worth noting that less than half of the projects are led by artistic researchers with an artistic research exam, and two of those that are have graduated in the old exam rooted in musicology with a performance focus. Three out of eight projects are given to artistic researcher at Gothenburg University.

Read more at VR’s site.

new phd positions in music

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Luleå University of Technology announces two new artistic PhD positions in music. See information (in Swedish only) at the LTU webpage.

jar submission deadline

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template-sar.png While the publication of JAR6 is immanent, the next submission deadline for Journal for Artistic Research (September 8, 2014) is coming up fast.

Submissions can be made through the Research Catalogue until September 8, 2014. Should you have any questions or require help with submitting, please contact Barnaby Drabble barnaby.drabble@jar-online.net

stint: research grants

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The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT, was set up by the Swedish Government in 1994 with the mission to internationalise Swedish higher education and research. They are announcing a series of grants for international exchange. Most of these are for researchers that are working at a university in Sweden and have obtained their PhD. But if these kinds of projects are of interest it may be good to look at the grants offered and start thinking about designing a compatible project.

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