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acts of creation

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The forthcoming anthology on supervision in artistic research education, produced by Konstnärliga forskarskolan and published by Brutus Östling/Symposion is currently printed, and will be released 8th of September 2015. Acts of Creation. Thoughts on Artistic Research Supervision is edited by Henrik Frisk, Karin Johansson and Åsa Lindberg-Sand and features texts also by Sverker Jullander, Tove Torbiörnsson, Ylva Gislén, Hinrich Sachs, Anders Sonesson, Andreas Gedin and Bryndis Snaebjørnsdottir.

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  • Published: Apr 13th, 2015
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knowledge of art, the art of knowledge

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A Swedish anthology on the increasing demand on artists to reflect, refer and describe their practice, edited by poet Magnus William Olsson has been released. What is the impact of knowledge on the traditions, practicies and perspectives?

More information on the book may be found here.

jar7 online


Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), issue 7, is now online with contributions by Andreas Aase (NO), Ainara Elgoibar (ES), Cynthia Kros & Georges Pfruender (ZA), Caroline Picard (US) and Lucy Tuma & Jens Badura (CH).
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  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2015
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international publication

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Forskarskolan PhD Sara Wilén has published a paper in Esmuc Digital published by Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya. The title of the paper is A kaleidoscope of interactions and the material describes her investigating this question together with the ensemble Operaimprovisatörerna, and discusses perspectives on artistic research methods and preliminary results as one part of this PhD project.

conflict of the faculties

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Henk Borgdorff’s book The conflict of the faculties is now available as Open Access from openaccess.leidenuniv.nl.

art, research, empowerment

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Efva Lilja’s new book Art, Research, Empowerment: The artist as researcher is written from the artist’s perspective. She has experience that gives her unique insights in the developments of what whe refers to as the Swedish system for artistic research education. In her own words “it explores how the artistic researcher can enhance art, artistic education, markets and commercial values. Increased knowledge makes constructive use of resistance and restraints; it empowers networks for cooperation. A field of research in flux demands new strategies for taking a stand. Research is one way to do it.

february 28: jar deadline


As noted earlier, JAR, the Journal for Artistic Research, has a deadline on Saturday for submissions to JAR 8.

The call can be read here.

call for articles: ruukku 4


RUUKKU 4: Process in artistic research

This Finnish publication for artistic research is bringing up thought provoking questions in the call for its latest issue:

“Is process something that artists rely on when they no longer know what they are doing? Is the advice to ‘trust the process’ just an example of the mystifying language used within arts education, or is the artistic process a magical tool similar to the transformations of the alchemists? Are process descriptions merely the broad mainstream of artistic research, or a method of knowledge production for the ambitious artistic researcher? Can process become the medium of research? What kind of institutional processes are built around artistic research?”

Established in 2013, RUUKKU is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal for artistic research. It is published on Research Catalogue (RC), an international publication platform and database that enables multimedia elements. RUUKKU is published in Finnish, Swedish and English. The fourth issue of RUUKKU, published in spring 2015, focuses on the theme of ‘Process in Artistic Research’. We encourage all artistic researchers, – within academic research and from the art world –, to join us in developing RUUKKU into an inviting, useful and evolving publication.

We ask you to write your proposals or drafts for research in the RC catalogue (RC) . Note! The catalogue requires user rights and registration (see ‘register’). Please submit your proposals both via the RC catalogue (‘publish’, ‘submit’, and ‘Ruukku’) and by email toannette.arlander@uniarts.fi and markus.kuikka@uniarts.fi no later than 15 February 2015.

jar submission deadline

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As interest in the Journal is growing, SAR has moved to three issues a year. JAR7 is currently in review and they are seeking submissions for JAR8. The forthcoming deadlines for submissions are 15 October 2014 and 16 January 2015.

bookrelease: access to resources – an urban agenda

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Where: Royal Institute of Art
When: November 27, 18:00 (press 17:00-18:00)


Editor Henrietta Palmer

“The urban environment is in a constant state of change, a constant state of ‘becoming’. Each period in history has had its specific driving forces for change and corresponding solutions for directing change towards the city imagined and desired at that time. But our current era differs dramatically from earlier epochs as it faces seemingly overwhelming forces like the depletion of fossil fuels and climate change with their unforeseen impacts on the urban. Looking beyond the crunch, Access to Resources brings together a multidisciplinary group of major thinkers and practitioners alongside Resources participants to offer scenarios and visions for a complex yet hopeful picture of an urban future in common.”

After 19.15: Bar, DJ Lap-See Lam + Jin Mustafa

More info in attached PDF: urbagenda

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