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franciska skoogh: concerts

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skooghMalmö Academy PhD candidate Franciska Skoogh is performing Staffan Storm‘s piano concerto as well as Mozart’s 23rd piano concerto with Jönköping Sinfonietta and conductor Daniel Blendulf on April 24. She is also playing Prokofjev och Mozart in Dalarna April 30.

Furthermore, there is a review of her concert with Leif Segerstam playing Rachmaninov and Mahler to read here.


elke marhöfer: film screening

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Elke Marhöfer‘s film Prendas ngangas enquisos machines is screened at the Courtisane Festival in Ghent together with three films of her choice by Nicolás Guillén Landrián.

For mire information see the festival homepage: Courtisane Festival

future jam: horizons

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Where: Tensta Konsthall
When: Sunday 30.3, 14:00

Haunted by Shadows of the Future – HORIZONSthe-time-tunnel-tensta1

A jam session on probable, speculative, or perhaps rather unseemly futures for Tensta in the year 2030. Starring: Adam Tensta, Dougald Hine, Gunilla Lundahl and Tor Lindstrand. Featuring: STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić + Marc Neelen) and Peter Lang.

An attempt to
 re-set Tensta into probable, speculative, or perhaps rather unseemly futures in the year 2030. Will this, yet unknown Tensta be an autonomous zone, where the residents of this disregarded part of Stockholm have successfully taken their destiny into their own hands? Or 
will its multi-facetted society prove so vital that this “new Sweden” comes to dominate the entire country by 2030? Or will Tensta’s original but unfulfilled mission – of creating an environment that acknowledges and gives space to a fully liberated and democratic model citizen – ultimately be re-created? And what would such a citizens’ liberation and equality mean if we could live it today?


book release

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Where: Restaurang Teaterköket, StDH (T-huset), Valhallavägen 193.methodos
When: Wednesday 26 March, 17.30

FSL welcomes you to a release of both the book METHODOSKonsten kunskap, kunskapens konst on of the latest issue of KRITIKER, nr 30.

Love Derwinger x 3 performs the texts Interpretation and Reparation – En improvisation from the most recent release of the periodical Kritiker
Mats Persson plays music by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist.
A conversation on art and method with: Jan Håfström, Christina Ouzounidis, Jonna Hjertström Lappalainen, Mats Persson and Magnus William-Olsson.

evaporated landscapes


Where: Black Box Theater, Oslo, Norway
When: 13-14/3, 2014

With evaporated landscapes Mette Ingvartsen creates an artificial world that behaves according to rules of evaporation, dissolution and transformation. Departing from ephemeral materials and matters like light, sound, bubbles and foam the performance constructs landscapes of various kinds.

Some of the artificial landscapes resemble nature, as we know it from the past, others look more like futuristic inventions. In either case they produce sensations of calmness and rest but also fascination and surprise, impressions we normally attribute to the world of natural wonders.

In Evaporated Landscapes choreography no longer belongs to the organization of bodies and their movements in space. Rather choreography is understood to be the relationship that operates between the ephemeral elements, as they magically float and dissolve into space. The movements that appear do not only show up in space but also within the bodies of the spectators due to the sensations and perceptions they encounter throughout the performance.

mette ingvartsen: the artificial nature project


When: 15-16/3, 2014
Where: Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway

In the exhibition Making Things Public (2005) and in the accompanying book, the French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour presented his vision of a ‘politics of things’. How can the concept of representation be extended in our representative democracy so that it loses its exclusive human interpretation? Politics is about the world and therefore it is not only people that are represented in parliament, but also ‘things’. In recent years, Mette Ingvartsen, inspired by Latour’s ideas, has worked on a series of performances in which the question of ‘non-human actions’ in a choreography play a central role. It is no longer the performer’s body alone that she brings to the stage; she also allows objects and materials to act as full participants. This is a repeat of the four performances that resulted from that research.



The Swedish Film Institute’s Filmrummet (“The Film Room”) is a series of seminars, workshops and talks, held at the Film House in Stockholm and at other locations in Sweden. Our ambition is to be a creative meeting place for discussion and dynamic controversy, a forum for explorative processes surrounding film, film policy and cinematic art.

For more information on the March program, please see the sfi web page (in Swedish only).

limit-cruisers (#1 sphere)

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A performance for listeners and observers in two acts

by Janna Holmstedt
The artist Janna Holmstedt presents her performance Limit-Cruisers for 6 participants at Weld, Stockholm, 21-23 February.  In Janna Holmstedt’s work there is no privileged position or full view. There is no audience and no actors. There isn’t even any artwork unless you activate it and set it in motion. As a visitor, you are invited to explore the experience of being situated and responsive, where exformation is called into play and normality is questioned. You don’t need to perform, only engage.

Limit-Cruisers is the first of a series of performances that are included in the artist Janna Holmstedt’s research project ”What You See is not What You Get”. Different versions of Limit-Cruisers have been performed at Inter Arts Center in Malmö, and at Performance Studies international Conference #19, Stanford University, California.

For booking and more information.

slow dancing with two fans


The action Slow dancing with two fans (2014) is part of Looking Back: The Eighth White Columns Annual – Selected by Pati Hertling at White Columns. (Next nonametime it will happen is Thursday, February 13, 4-6pm and one more time with no prior announcement).

“Looking Back” is the eighth installment of the White Columns Annual. The exhibition is now a fixture on White Columns’ calendar. Each year, an individual or a collaborative team (e.g. an artist, a curator, a writer, etc.) is invited to make an exhibition at White Columns based on their personal experience of looking at art in New York in the previous year. For the eighth ‘Annual’ exhibition, White Columns has invited the New York-based independent curator Pati Hertling to make the selection.

In a very straightforward sense, the ‘Annual’ exhibition hopes to reveal something of the complexities involved in trying to negotiate – and engage with – NewYork’s constantly shifting cultural landscape. The format of the exhibition inevitably encourages highly subjective and deeply personal responses to the realities of viewing art in New York. The ‘Annual’ exhibition series hopes to illuminate aspects of the specific, yet highly idiosyncratic routes –geographical, intellectual, historical, social, etc. – that individuals follow in an increasingly expansive and fragmented cultural environment.

in practice: chance motives


Where: Sculpture Center, 44-19 Purves Street, Long Island City, NY 11101

Nick Paparone, GIF (images courtesy Vanessa Anspaugh, Pedro Neves Marques, Sahra Motalebi, and Rachel Rose), 2014

Nick Paparone, GIF

When: February 8, 2014 11am-6pm, Open Rehearsals: February 5-7, 2014 12-6pm Daily

Malin Arnell will perform with Lydia Adler Okrent and Sophia Cleary for Vanessa Anspaugh and Amber Bemak in their collaboration for the show In Practice: Chance Motives at Sculpture Center. In Practice: Chance Motives is guest curated by Kari Rittenbach.

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