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fröken julie

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Where: Strindbergs Intima Teater, Stockholm
When: October 19 and 20

PhD candidate at StDH, Anna Petterson, is playing her acclaimed production of Strindberg’s Fröken Julie on a tour arranged by Riksteatern. The performances are

  • 12/10 Luleå
  • 15/10 Östersund
  • 19/10 Stockholm
  • 20/10 Stockholm
  • 22/10 Motala
  • 24/10 Varberg
  • 27/10 Halmstad
  • 29/10 Kristianstad
  • 6/11 Hudiksvall
  • 7/11 Sundsvall
  • 9/11 Södertälje


  • 11/11 Åbo, Finland

More information about the play.

last minute opera

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When: September 20, 21, 25, 26, 27
Where: Uppland


Opera improvisation by the group Operaimprovisatörerna: Mozart in Uppland.

The audience is participating in these performances by giving topics and objects to the performers upon which they will build the plot. The music is improvised but alsa a remix of Mozart, Bellini, Verdi, Bizet and Purcell among others.

This is a unique event in Sweden. For more information see Musik i Uppland.


the wall by elfriede jelinek

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When: Saturday, September 13 at 19.00. Playing until September 20.
Where: Black Room at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.


A stove. A cigarette. A nylon nightgown. The naked skin.

Elfriede Jelinek, Sylvia Plath, Ingeborg Bachmann and Marlen Haushofer will tell you the truth. But it wouldn´t be possible if the object of revelation were another human being. Consequently, it is a wall.

The Wall is the fifth and last part of the suite Princess Dramas: Death and the Maiden I-V by Elfriede Jelinek. Here, Sylvia and Inge are performing a ritual slaughter on a male animal. The title, The Wall, refers to the 1963 novel of the same name by Austrian author Marlen Haushofer, whose unnamed protagonist awakes one day to find herself completely alone in a world that has died; separated from the outside world by an invisible wall, she writes on scraps of paper in an attempt to retain her sanity through the ordeal.

Together with the production of Rosamunde (2011) and the coming Winterreise (2016), the performance of The Wall founds the artistic articulation of the doctoral thesis work by Petra Fransson at the Theatre Academy in Malmö. Thematically, the triptych problematizes emancipation – investigates the relationship between the body and a possible existence by probing Simone de Beauvoir’s ethics of ambivalence as an artistic method – and seeks to promote acting as a dialogical and reformulating practise.

Translation: Magnus Lindman | Adaptation and performance: Petra Fransson | Set design: Sofie Josefsson | Costume and mask design: Jenny Ljungberg | Light design: Mira Svanberg

Tickets at www.kulturcentralen.nu

The production is a collaboration between Avdelning14 and the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University, with support from Kulturrådet and Stockholm Stad. Publisher: Nordiska ApS – Köpenhamn

tacit or loud: where is the knowledge in art?

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Symposium and festival for artistic research

Nov 28-Dec 3, 2014

Call for contributions

Tacit or Loud is an international symposium and a festival for experimental arts at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden. Tacit or Loud focuses on intermedia art and presents several international world premieres. Inter Arts Center (IAC) is an organization within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts located in the old Mazetti chocolate factory in Malmö. IAC provides good facilities for interdisciplinary projects, including fine arts, music and theatre, but also other arts and disciplines. For information on the venues please see  http://www.iac.lu.se.

Where is the knowledge in art?

We embrace an ecological perspective on knowledge that stretches from the tacit and embodied knowing of the artist to propositional and scientific knowledge production. Indeed, the knowledge in art can sometimes be more loud than silent. We now welcome proposals to a symposium that challenges the format of the scientific symposium. Contributions may be in artistic form (encouraged), as conference papers or in a format that combines the two. The ambition with Tacit or Loud is to merge various kinds of knowledge production in the arts with analytical modes of thinking.  Hence, it is centered around the concept of the lab as a venue for a review of artistic work and research as process.

For the complete call and more information, please see Tacit or Loud: call for presentations.

50% seminar: bruno faria

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Where: Liljieforssalen, Malmö Academy of Musicsoundpaint
When: June 3 at 17:00 and June 4 at 10.00

Flutist and PhD candidate Bruno Faria will present his 50% seminar at Malmö Academy of Music starting on June 3 with a Soundpainting ensemble performance in Liljieforssalen.

The title of his work is Embodying music through (un)notated signs and gestures: reexamining musicianship through the transformed musical horizon of the sign language Soundpainting and his opponent will be Catarina Domenici (UFRGS – Brazil). A solo performance and their discussion on his thesis will start at 10:00 on June 4.

On the June 5 (10-15), Catarina Domenici will speak about her collaborative work with composers and also about research in music in Brazil.

arrival cities: hanoi

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A new work as part of the artistic research project Music in Movement and Nguyen Thanh Thuys PhD project at Malmö Academy of Music in collaboration with Teatr Weimar will begin with video recordings and a concert at the end of May. Kent Olofsson will compose the music. The premiere of the final work is scheduled for November/December 2014.

hamlet II and arrival cities

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Hamlet II:exit ghost has been drafted for the radio theater competition in Croatia. The piece is a collaboration between the Swedish Radio Theater and teatr Weimar, both residing in Malmö. The theme for the festival is Old texts revisited and it is arranged by the Croatian radio.

Hamlet II: exit ghost is part of Kent Oloffssons PhD work at KMH.

file: ~/Pictures/hamlet.jpg

75% seminar: simon goldin

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Where: Salle Vasari, à l’INHA, Galerie Colbert. Accès: 6 rue des Petits – Champs ou 2 rue Vivienne, Paris

When: May 14, 19:00

Passive Liquidity Provider

Participants: Jo Randerson (drama), Mark Jeary (actor), Claes-Henrik Julander (investor), Ybodon (computer scientist).

Presented in collaboration with Something You Should Know: Artistes et Producteurs, Paris.


67,3% seminar: malin arnell

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I am not quite sure. This is an arduous terrain (2013). Here Malin Arnell with Ulrike Müller. Photo: Lia Lowenthal. Courtesy of the artist.

Where: Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7
When: May 10-12

Over the course of three days, artist Malin Arnell will enact a performative research seminar at Weld in Stockholm. The seminar encompasses a number of public actions, screenings and discussions that directly engage her ongoing artistic research as it is generated through the live event. Specifically, the title 67,3% performative research seminar points to the moment that this seminar occupies within the arc of her overall research, which currently takes place within the framework of a PhD in Choreography at University of Dance and Circus / Stockholm University of the Arts.

Arnell understands 67,3% performative research seminar as a methodology of entanglements in which each participant comes to exist within the research framework, and in which the movement across reenactments, presentations and conversations generates the choreographic.


pufendorf institute and opera improvisation

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Where: Pufendorf institute, Lund
When: Maj 5-6

The Pufendorf institute is celebrating its five year aniversary. The full program can be downloaded here. PhD candidate Sara Wilén is performing on May 6 at 12:00 with her pianist Conny Antonow.

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