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head of research to konstfack

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Konstfack seeks a Head of Research to work with the development of the research environment as a whole, including fine arts, design, craft and art pedagogics. The future Head of Research should also work with the development of artistic postgraduate education  and the establishment of collaboration between doctoral students. The position also entails the representation of Konstfack in relation to the national research school in design (Designfakulteten),  Konstnärliga forskarskolan and in national and international research environments.

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a seminar for poetics and aesthetics

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Wednesday December 15 there’s a start up conference for POEIST, a seminar for poetics and aestetics at Vasaparken, room 10 in Gothenburg. The seminar is intended as a meeting place for research in the arts and the humanitities at the University of Gothenburg, and during this first occasion there will be a presentation of the ideas and intentions behind POEIST.
Andrej Slávik will do an introducing presentation. A full programme can be found here (the seminar will be in Swedish). At Vasaparken there is also at the same time an exhibition with works by students and alumnis from the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg, as a celebration of the first 10 years of the faculty’s existence!

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  • Published: Dec 10th, 2010
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improvised christmas

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Operaimprovisatörerna, featuring amongst others singer and PhD candidate Sara Wilén, gives an improvised operatic Christmas performance at Boulevardteatern in Stockholm, December 9-11 at 21 pm. From bombastic Silent Night inspired arias to childhood Christmas memories  in improvised opera versions during 1 hour and 15 intense minutes…


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Coreographer Mette Ingvartsen presents her solo 50/50 and engages in conversation and dialogue on her work at the Musée de la danse in Rennes, France, December 10 at 20 pm. 50/50 premiered in Mousonturm in Frankfurt 2004 and works on extreme and spectacular expressions as a physical practice rather than through psychological motivations. Movements deriving from clearly coded situations, like a rock concert, an opera or a circus number are processed until the obtain a certain kind of deformed expressivity. It looks like affects rather than emotions, except no one knows what affects look like. (photo © Peter Lenaerts )

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  • Published: Dec 9th, 2010
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serious play

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At Konstfack December 9, 13-16 pm there’s a seminar at S2 with artist Amanda Stegell, entitled Artistic Research: A Laboratory for Serious Play. Artists who participate in emerging research programmes have a double role to play. They are both researchers and test rabbits of the programmes themselves, with the conditions and criteria for conducting and evaluating their projects constantly put under the lens. Based on Amanda Stegell‘s experience of participating in such a programme, and on her more recent experience as project supervisor, she will present a modular approach for thriving under such conditions – in short, a form of laboratory for serious play.

research and development at konstfack

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December 16 (between 8.45-14) and December 17 between 9-14) there’s an exhibition with six artistic research and development project at Konstfack.  The six projects are concerned with fashion and aging(Helena Hertov Nilsson/Therese Dahlqvist), white ants/black ants (Erik Rosshagen), vernacular craft ( by PhD candidate Frida Hållander), the industrial designer as intuitive synthesist (Ulrika Bohné), the history of exhibition/the exhibition as history (Kim West) and “keep searching! what do you see?”( Anna Odlinge). Other participants will be Lars Holmberg from Uppsala universitet, Petra Bauer, artist and PhD candidate at Konstfack, Johanna Rosenquist from  Lunds university, Andreas Nobel, interior designer, member of the design collective Ugly Cute and PhD candidate atKonstfack, Jadwiga Krupinska, professor in theory of form at KTH-School of Architecture and Trond Lundemo from the University in Stockholm. The presentations will be held in Swedish and a detailed schedule can be found here.

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