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bach meets vivaldi

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Concerto Copenhagen, with Peter Spissky as violinist, and with the famous cembalist Trevor Pinnock as guest, will play three concerts of Bach alongside three Vivaldi symphonies January 25-29 at Baerums kulturhus in Norway (January 25), Musikhuset Sønderborg (January 26) and Garnison’s Kirke in Copenhagen (January 29)

board meeting january 23

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January 28 the board of Konstnärliga forskarskolan had a board meeting in Malmö. Issues on the agenda were amongst other things the appointment of two PhD members (Anna Einarsson and Frida Hållander) and and yet another deputy member of the board (Linda Worbin from the University of Borås), as well as of quality advisory board (Henk Borgdorff, Suzan Kozel and Pavel Büchler), responsibilites and tasks of the director and the english translation of the degree “konstnärlig doktorsexamen”. There was also a discussion on the possibility of gathering the librarians of the participating institutions in order to facilitate networking on the issue of support for postgraduate education in the area of artistic research, and a discussion on the importance of international networking for Konstnärliga forskarskolan in general.

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  • Published: Jan 22nd, 2011
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harsh notes

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Between January 21 and 30, The harsh notes (De stränga anteckningarna) is performed at the Inter Arts Center at Bergsgatan 29 in Malmö, in a Teatr Weimar production. The harsh notes is an installation for two actors, four singers, electroacoustic music, paintings and installations: displaying a frozen war zone with an omnipresent death, where myths are ongoing stories about the conditions we live by today. The text is written by Jörgen Dahlqvist and the music is composed by Kent Olofsson, with Sara Wilén as one of the singers.

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  • Published: Jan 18th, 2011
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showing showing

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Thursday January 20 2011, between 1 – 5pm there is a lecture entitled “Showing showing: archival pratices and immaterial work” at the Valand School of Fine Arts, University of Gothenburg. Beatrice von Bismarck (Leipzig/Berlin), art historian, curator and director of the new Masters Programme, Cultures of the Curatorial, at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, will lecture on how artists have been working with archive material and “immateriality” since the 1960s. How can the tension between material and immaterial cultural heritage be considered in relation to, for example, the movement of Conceptual art away from the object and the permanent, towards what the curator and writer Lucy Lippard at the end of the 1960s called “the dematerialization of the art object”? The lecture is the second of three events on “Performing the curatorial” curated by Maria Lind under the aegis of the Cultural Heritage seminars at the University of Gothenburg, a gathering point for the critical scholarly examination of and artistic perspectives on questions of cultural heritage.

international summer academy in finland

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Graduate students in academic institutions who are pursuing practice-based research are invited to submit applications and proposals to the first International Summer Academy for Artist-researchers that will take place in Finland on August 22nd-31st 2011.
The aim of the Summer Academy is to clarify, discuss and develop emerging themes and issues arising out of the individual projects of the participants within the developing discourses of art practice and research.
The Summer Academy provides a supportive setting where artist-researchers from all fields collaborate, present their ongoing artistic work and research and receive feedback from experienced tutors and peers from leading academic institutions. The academy aims to reflect the international diversity and scope of artistic research and to provide a stimulating intellectual environment.
The Summer Academy consists of a broad range of activities including individual presentations by all the participants, discussions on material sent beforehand, individual tutoring and collective work. The academy will begin with a two-day stay in Helsinki where participants will visit art universities and cultural institutions and hear guest lectures. The remaining seven days will be spent in a study center in the Finnish countryside in an enjoyable natural environment.
The deadline for application is January 31 2011, and the full call with all details can be found here: summeracademy2011call

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