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open phd positions at doch


DOCH is announcing two positions:

Doctoral studentship in choreography
In cooperation with Konstnärliga forskarskolan (the Swedish National Research School for Doctorates in the Arts), hosted by Lund University, DOCH is announcing one doctoral studentship in choreography. More info (pdf)

Doctoral studentship in choreography, with a specialization in circus
In cooperation with Konstnärliga forskarskolan (the Swedish National Research School for Doctorates in the Arts), hosted by Lund University, DOCH is announcing one doctoral studentship in choreography, with a specialization in circus.

An information meeting about the doctoral positions is arranged on Tuesday March  26 from 17.00-19.00 at DOCH, Brinellvägen 58,  Stockholm for information about the content and conditions for the research education, and answer questions. The information can also be accessed through these links:


open phd positions at stockholm academy of dramatic arts

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Stockholm academy of dramatic arts (SADA) is seeking two PhDs. One with a focus on performing arts and one in theater. Final date for applications is March 27.

Please go to stdh.se for more information.

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bakhtin as praxis

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The 15th International Bakhtin Conference
Bakhtin as Praxis: Academic Production, Artistic Practice, Political Activism


The 15th International Bakhtin conference to be held in Stockholm in 2014, seeks to provide answers to the questions: “Who, and What is Bakhtin today, twenty years after his first one hundred years?” and “How may we account for his transformation from text to theory to practical action – including artistic practice, activism and artistic research?”

We propose the Stockholm conference to become a forum for dialogue between the worlds of academia, literature, and art. Recently, Bakhtin’s ideas have been actively developed in artistic and curatorial research parallel to the academic discussion and work in creative writing and translation . A dialogue will enrich both of these directions in Bakhtin studies. To encourage artistic researchers, artists, translators and other practitioners to take part in discussions, and to announce an innovative orientation towards (artistic) practice, we have chosen venues that are new for Bakhtin conferences: The Royal Institute of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna museet) in Stockholm.

More information about the Conference will be available shortly on the conference homepage, www.bakhtinconference.com due to be launched in March 2013. Paper/panel proposals will be accepted and registered with the help of an automatic program.

July 26-30 2014, Stockholm

a day with microhistories

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Welcome to presentations, lectures, performative lectures and screenings.

  • Magnus Bärtås (SVE): “A Short Introduction to Microhistories”
  • Michelle Teran (CAN/DE): ”Folgen”
  • Behzad Khosravi Noori (SVE/IRA): ”Whisperism – The Field Study About Iranian Filmmakers”
  • Suzana Milevska (MAC): ”Microhistories and the Internalized Macrohistories”
  • Lena Séraphin (FIN): “The Don Quixote Complex”
  • Lina Selander (SVE): ”Leninʼs Lamp Glows in the Peasantʼs Hut”

March 27, Mandelgren lecture hall, Konstfack, Stockholm.
LM Ericssons väg 14
Metro: Telefonplan

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mediality gesturality reciprocity – choreography as the weaving labour of politics

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An international cross disciplinary research project for the exchange and confrontation around, about and through choreography and politics with a focus on human rights and violence.
Christina Caprioli and her collegues from ccap talks about her trip to Indonesia.

Cristina Caprioli was born in Italy. After more than two decades of continuously innovative work, Cristina has gained the indisputable position as one of Sweden’s foremost choreographers. ccap stands as context and continuity for her work (for which she has created over 30 productions), but she has also choreographed on commission in Denmark, England, South Africa, etc., and for Skånes Dance Theatre, Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company, Nye Carte Blanche, Stockholm 59North etc.

March 19, at 17:00. Studio G at DOCH.
For more information, see DOCH.


commoning the city

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COMMONING THE CITY will explore the theory and practice of urban commons in the context of Sweden, and beyond. By bringing together professionals from the literature and social sciences, as well as hands-on practitioners and policy makers, the conference will investigate what role the commons can have in shaping the cities’ future. Which initiatives exist today in the Swedish context, and from what kind of urban landscape do they arise? In what ways is this situation related to global scenarios? What can we learn from recent events that shaped the digital revolution, and what historical grounds are there to fall back onto?

COMMONING THE CITY is organised by the participants of the post-master research programme In Search of Common Ground, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, in collaboration with STEALTH.unlimited.
Registration: There will be limited number of places available, please reserve your seat as soon as possible by registering at press@kkh.se.
Among the speakers you will hear Fritz Haeg, Fredrik Åslund, Pier Paolo Fanesi, P.M., Alex Haché, Marcell Mars, Saki Bailey and Stavros Stavrides.

April 11 (from 9AM – 6PM), at the Architecture Museum Stockholm.

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anna einarsson 25% seminar

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Friday March 22 Anna Einarsson will give her 25 % seminar at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm, sal A433.
Time: 13:00-15:00 ca
Opponent: Karin Johansson (Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University)

Drawing upon the original work Ps. Jag kommer snart hem!, the presentation discusses possible implications of combining singing voice and live electronics. Particular attention is given to interactive live electronics, where the singing voice affects the sounding material through the assistance of a computer. Technical development for Ps! was done in part in collaboration with the department of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH. Measures taken in trying to obtain meaningful and tangible connections between the performer and the sound are discussed.

Experiences from Ps! has given rise to questions regarding the nature of the interactive relations.and possible diverging needs of composer, performer and listener when attending to interactive relations in music is discussed. Preliminary results suggest that listening itself seem altered on part of the performer and that different listening strategies may be called for when performing with electronics counter performing in a traditional western classical music setting. The view that is presented throughout this work is an embodied perceptual such.

The seminar will be held in english.

social choreography: workshop by bojana cvejić


The workshop will introduce “social choreography” as a concept on double axis. Social choreography offers a perspective of aesthetic continuum between everyday movement and dance. And, according to Andrew Hewitt (Social Choreography: Ideology as Performance in Dance and Everyday Movement, Duke, 2005), it redefines ideology’s mode of operation as “aesthetic” and “performative,”shifting focus from the mechanism of hailing subjects by way of power apparatuses to self-perpetuated embodiment. Social choreography features as a prominent form of ideology today as it demonstrates how social order can no longer be regarded to be reflected or mimed aesthetically by the arts, but how it is aesthetically produced and instilled choreographically.

For more information see:
or download this document.

To apply to the course, please contact:

The deadline for registration is the 1
st of April 2013.

Social Choreography, 3 ects
At Dans- och Cirkushögskolan, Stockholm
th-10th of April 2013, 10.00-17.00

the shadow machine: two works by nils claesson

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The shadow machine: two works by Nils Claesson

My own shadow is a part of the image is a machine that transforms objects to shadows. The audience becomes a part of the work just by looking.

sliN is a film based on a performance by Nils Claesson on the 26 juni 2012 when he walked backwards from Hornsgatan 55 to Husby konsthall.

The 14 of mars a 25% seminar will take place in the gallery; it will be a talk between Nils Claesson, Annika Öhrner and Love Ekenberg.

Opening Friday 1 mars 17-20
opening hours Thursday to Sunday 12-17 Address Bjurholmsgatan 9b, Stockholm
T-bana Skanstull phone: 070-7161923 or 070-2855777

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