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  • Published: Aug 27th, 2013
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radical imagination

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When: 14-16/11/2013
Where: Valand, Gothenburg

Valand Academy of Arts, the Göteborg Biennial of International Contemporaray Art, and European Art Network presents Radical Imagination

This conference will mark the conclusion of the Göteborg Biennial by interrogating the overarching thematics adopted by this year’s programme and signaled in the biennial’s title: “Play! Recapturing the Radical Imagination”.

  • In what sense can we speak of the imagination as “radical”?
  • Is “the recapture of the radical imagination” about regaining something lost or reclaiming something stolen or remembering something forgotten or rebuilding something broken?
  • In a period characterized by creativity rhetorics (“creative cities”, “creative hubs”, “creative class”) and dominated by the imperative of consumption to “enjoy”, what might the instruction to “play!” mean?

The conference is structured through a series of “provocations” where keynote speakers are invited to provoke and challenge the audience in response to these themes. These provocations lead to a series of table talks where participants can then respond in smaller discussion groups to the speakers. These are interwoven with a series of conversations where artists enter into dialogue on the relationships between their current enquiries and these wider questions.

Confirmed speakers include: Marc James Léger, Jacqueline Rose, Andrea Phillips, Esther Shalev Gerz, Gertrud Sandqvist, Henk Slager, Joanna Warsza, Jason Bowman, Sally Tallant, Ingrid Elam, Annika Lundgren and Mika Hannula (Full schedule will be posted 1/9/2013)

See Gothenburg Biennale for more information.

the documentary dramaturgy

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When: September 16, 15:00 – 17:00
Where: STDH Valhallavägen 189, Cinema, D-building


Artistic developmentwork: seminar with Bengt Bok och Tove Torbiörnsson on Bengt’s book: The Documentary Dramaturgy (Carlssons publishing, 2013)

Tove Torbiörnsson, film maker and deputy director at the Swedish Film Institute, and Bengt Bok, documentary filmmaker and professor at StDH will discuss Bengt’s book, itself a discussion concerning thoughts and questions surrounding his own work and the documentary story telling. Intertwined with his diary notes are recollections of meetings and production oriented thoughts as well as questions surounding the structures of his dokumentaries.

Prior notification no later than September 9 by sending email to Elisabeth Möller or calling 08-120 531 59.

momentous times: centre for contemporary art


Momentous Times is curated by Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh and features new and recent artworks by ten artists, whom many have never exhibited in Northern Ireland before. One of these artists is Olivia Plender. On September 7th and November 2nd, CCA will host public forums organised and moderated by scholar and writer Marina Vishmidt. The exhibition also includes a handful screenings and talks, which are free open to everyone. For more information, please see Centre for Contemporary Art.

kim hedås: disputation/public defence

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When: Friday September 6, 13.00
Where: Lindgrensalen, Artisten, Högskolan för scen och musik, Fågelsången 1, Göteborg


Lines: Music Moving – Composition Changing

Lines: Music Moving – Composition Changing is a dissertation that focuses on relationships in music. The main question posed in this dissertation is: How does music relate to what is not music? Through an artistic inquiry, where a reflexive movement between the different parts produces the method used, the dissertation addresses the act of composing with particular focus on how music moves and how relations in music change. Results are also in motion, and traces – lines – move, change direction, and connect the music with what is not music. This inquiry embraces the following five themes: movement, identity, time, memory and space – which all relate to each other, and which, through composition, change, transform and reshape meaning as well as expression. The aim of this study is to demonstrate the changes that arise as a result of the relationships that are activated between music and what is not music, since an understanding of how these relationships work enables opportunities for the composition of new music.

This dissertation takes the shape of a DVD, comprising the music in sixteen compositions, and a book, comprising the dissertation text.

Full abstract and more information may be found at the Gothenburg University webpage.

Opponent: Henrik Frisk

Download the dissertation here.

marco muñoz: disputation/public defence

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When: Friday august 23, 13.00
Where: Glashuset, Akademin Valand, entrance Chalmersgatan 4


Infrafaces: Essays on the Artistic Interaction

This thesis shows how a new zone is discovered when two or more elements connect. In the space that arises, a contact area comes into being between the elements involved, and this takes place at the moment of their contact and information exchange – forming an interface. This interface can in turn be manipulated to generate a new space, which forms a contact zone that can be opened even further, thus creating new spaces. The new segments created within the practice of interactivity are named infrafaces.

Full abstract and more information may be found at the Gothenburg University webpage.
The thesis may be downloaded here.

Opponent: Ylva Gislén

Exhibition by Marco Muñoz:

  • Infrafaces. The paradoxical division of physical and temporal spaces. Gallery Rotor, Valand Academy

Opening: Wednesday 21st of August 17-21.
Opening hours: The exhibition will be shown until Sunday 25th of August.

  • Thursday – Friday 17-20
  • Saturday – Sunday 12-17

petra fransson 50%

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When: September 2, 16.00
Where: Malmö Teaterhögskola, Studio C, Bergsgatan 31, Malmöhistorienlyder3

Petra Fransson is presenting her work Skådespelarens upphovsmannaskap och skådespelandets radikala potential at this part seminar at Malmö  Theatre Academy. The central question for this work is how the actor can explore herself as auteur and what are to potentials of this position? The oppenent at the seminar is Kristina Hagström-Ståhl

The text for the seminar may be requested from petrafransson78@gmail.com

christina ouzinidis 50%

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When: September 3, 16:00-19:00
Where: Malmö Teaterhögskola, Studio C, Bergsgatan 31, Malmö

Teatr Weimar-"Rosamunde"


September 3 will Christina Ouzinidis present and defend her 50% seminar. Her work for this seminar is in the form of an essay and a series of dramatic texts to be released in a book titled Lögner later in September on the publishing label of Modernista. The opponent at this seminar will be Hanna Hallgren.


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international postdoc


The Swedish Research Council has announced that Martin Avila, Senior Lecturer at Industrial Design at Kostfack and PhD of Design at HDK/University of Gothenburg, has been approved for an international postdoc for the project Symbiotic tactics. Design interventions for understanding and sensitizing to ecological complexity. This is the first time that a fine arts researcher with a focus on design has been given this type of grant.

Read more at Konstfacks webpage.

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  • Published: Aug 8th, 2013
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50% seminar: Lisa Tan

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The opponent is Dr. Ines Schaber. She is a PhD from Goldsmiths in London. She lives and works in Berlin. Her projects deal with the enEtering and concrete documenting of locations, with individuality and urban space, and with the sociopolitical relevance of images.

The seminar will begin with an introduction by doctoral supervisor Dr. Bryndis Snaebjörnsdottir. Lisa Tan will then present a reading and viewing of her video “Notes from Underground” (2013), followed by an evaluation by Ines Schaber, and an open discussion.

Date: Thursday 29th of August

Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Robert Franksalen, Storgatan 43 – Gothenburg (Valand Academy)

supervisors’ meeting in Borås 23-24 sept 2013

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During this autumn’s meeting for supervisors the future structure of both the educational and network aspect of the supervisor’s program will be discussed, as well as the planned anthology about supervision in artistic research. The outline of this meeting’s topics can be found here.

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