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semester meeting 23-25/9

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The up coming semester meeting is organized by PhD-students Marjan Kooroshina and Stefanie Malmgreen de Oliveira. The meeting is structured as an open, collective workshop around textile and dress with different focal points.

One part of the workshop explores the relationship between music and textile through techniques of knitting. Through the programming of a knitting machine, music compositions can direct the knitting patterns based on notes and movement. Another possibility for the exploration of textile and music is the creation of sound making textiles. By the use of, for example, conductive yarn, a connection to a lili-pad can be created, which can then be used to create sound and further to experiment with compositions of sound. This part is held by Jussi Mikkonen and Marjan Kooroshnia.

An other part aims to explore/question/rethink definitions of dress and dance and their relations to body, movement and space. Experimenting with different types of “garment” to find different ways of performing and wearing. This part is held by Ulrik Martin Larsen and Stefanie Malmgreen de Oliveira.

The meeting is held at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

doch phd week

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When: September 25-28
Where: DOCH, Brinellvägen 58, Stockholm
September 25-28 DOCH’s PhD candidates will present their work. In addition Nicolas Malevé (Constant/Active Archives) will give an open lecture.

September 25

13.30-15.30, Studio G: Rasmus Ölme presents his research project
“Since this year is my last as a PhD candidate I will make an attempt to summarize the process of these past 5 years of research. I will give an overview on larger questions, such as how the academic frame has influenced the artistic production, and move into details with practical examples. The attempt will be to both explain and apply the thinking and the doing of the project that for now carries the title From Model to Module.”

September 26

10.00-12.30, Studio G: Nicolas Malevé (Constant/Active Archives)
In this presentation Nicolas Malevé will present the artistic work in which he deals with the the life archives of the Finnish Artist Erkki Kurenniem and the consequences of including this archive in artistic work today.

13.30-15.30, Studio 9: Malin Arnell presents her on-going research
During Malin Arnell’s presentation we will interact with YES! Association’s/Föreningen JA!s latest work; Zyklische Gesellschaftsreise, which took place July 23 on the Berlin Ringbahn. It’s a collective travel where we engage in our desire to make sense of “today” through looking, moving, conversing, and reading aloud. Perhaps we can say that it is about the everyday choreography of and in the urban space.
This presentation will be participatory. Also see www.foreningenja.org

September 28

19.00, Dansens Hus, Main Stage: Mette Ingvartsen The Artificial Nature Project
The Artificial Nature Project is part of Ingvartsens PhD research project at DOCH, and the latest creation in a series of four where she makes fiction out of nature phenomenon’s.

20.30, Dansens Hus, Small Stage: Lecture
The performance is followed by an open lecture where Ingvartsen presents her thoughts and processes, followed by an open discussion with the audience.
Also see www.dansenshus.se
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urban heritage seminar series

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Heritage as Common(s) – Common(s) as Heritage

Where: HDK Lilla Hörsalen, Kristinelundsgatan
When:  September 19th,  16.00 – 18.30

In these seminars invited scholars contribute to an exploration and a discussion of the subject field. The format of the seminar is an experiment which scaffolds this aim: every seminar holds an external scholar of our choosing, and this scholar has picked yet another guest of her/his choosing. Both scholars are invited to present a paper that concerns the theme and to discuss each other’s papers. Space will be given for reflections from the audience (and for coffee etc. & snacks). Afterwards both papers will be published together with reflections from a special guest auditor.

Mattias Kärrholm (invited)
Prof., Urban Studies, Dept of architecture and built environment, University of Lund/ Malmö
Research interests: issues of public space, architectural theory, urban morphology, urban design, actor network-theory and retail environments

Timothy Edensor (guest of invited)
Dr. School of Science & The Environment, Div. of Geography & Environmental Management, Manchester Metropolitan University
Research interests: Spaces of tourism, National identities, Industrial ruins and wasteland, Urban and rural cultures, Materiality, Ordering and notions of disorder, Cultural memory, Geographies of rhythm and rhythmanalysis, Landscapes of Illumination

The seminars are part of the Heritage Initiative at the University of Gothenburg and are held at The Department of Conservationor at The School of Design and Craft (HDK). To register or to get more info mail: henric.benesch@hdk.gu.se or ingrid.holmberg@conservation.gu.se

Bruno Faria 25%

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Where: Liljeforssalen, Malmö Academy of Music
When: Wednesday, September 25th, 2013, 10:00 – 12:00

Embodying music through (un)notated gestures: reexamining musicianship through the transformed musical
horizon of the sign language Soundpainting

Soundpainting performance with the flute class and seminar
Opponent: Erik Rynell
Supervisors:  Anders Ljungar-Chapelon and Antônio Carlos Guimarães (UFSJ – Brazil)

Just what is it that makes today so familiar, so uneasy?


Lofoten International Art Festival, 6–29 September 2013

Opening: Friday 6 September, 5pm
Seminar: Saturday 7 September, 11am

Just what is it that makes today so familiar, so uneasy? intends to establish an aesthetic, intellectual, and political position by bringing the public and those shaping contemporary art discourse closer to a heightened and sensitive understanding of the conditions that shape our consciousness and existence today. LIAF 2013 will feature a balanced variety of art projects that create connections with each other and their surroundings, forming a circuit of intense emotions, ideas, and positions.

For more info. www.liaf2013.no

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