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  • Published: Dec 24th, 2013
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jar4 available online


The fourth edition of JAR (Journal for Artistic Research) is now online.

Through its open submission policy on the back of a very general concern (‘artistic research’), JAR attempts to challenge any one meaning of ‘artistic research’ by moving the emphasis from narrow definitions of ‘discipline’, which regulate what is and what is not possible at any given time, to epistemic engagements in artistic practice in their widest and most diverse form. This challenge is a direct result of JAR’s commitment to publish expositions of practice as research, that is, to follow notions of research as they emerge from artistic practice.

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  • Published: Dec 6th, 2013
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goldin+senneby anti-vwap


Where: Collective, City Observatory & City Dome, Edinburgh
: 7 December – 26 January

Goldin+Senneby with Rob Drummond (playwright), Mark Jeary (actor), Philip Grant (anthropologist and former equity fund manager), Donald MacKenzie (sociologist), Anna Heymowska (set designer), and Ybodon (computer scientist).

Anti-VWAP is part of a series of new productions explicitly utilising the infrastructure supporting exhibitions, such as staff, funding, and administrative supports, to develop algorithmic trading models.

Anti-VWAP features a commissioned, speculative theatrical script, which will be performed on a daily basis and the development of a new algorithmic trading model to be tested in the financial markets of today. In the interplay between these two modes of speculation, the work gives itself over to the mysterious forces of capital that it simultaneously stages in the gallery.

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