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  • Published: Jan 30th, 2014
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journal of sonic studies issue no.6


The open access journal of sonic studies provides a platform for theorists and artists who would like to present relevant work regarding auditory culture, that is, discuss the impact and importance of sound for and in (contemporary) culture, human behavior, art, science, etc.
Since a couple of days issue no. 6, a special edition on sound design, is online with e.g. contributions about the sounds of a Harley Davidson, a Nespresso coffee maker, sounds in hospitals, the use of sounds in films and games, etc.

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  • Published: Jan 30th, 2014
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experimental systems: future knowledge in artistic research

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A new book on the Orpheus Institute Series has recently been published, edited by Michael Schwab, and titled Experimental Systems, Future Knowledge in Artistic Research. It includes articles by docARTES PhD Henk Borgdorff and docARTES PhD supervisors Darla Crispin and Peter Peters.

orcim seminar 2014


THE LIMITS OF CONTROL – Tradition, Experiment and the Imagination in Musical Performance

26-27 February 2014, Ghent, Belgium

The sixth International ORCiM Seminar, organised at the Orpheus Institute, offers the opportunity for contributors from around the world to gather and explore specific aspects of ORCiM’s research focus: Artistic Experimentation in Music.

This seminar will be relevant for all artists and music practitioners working in areas of research linked to artistic experimentation. Proposals related to any aspect of the seminar topic are welcome. The submissions should contribute to greater insight into how art unfolds, opening new possibilities for artistic creation, understanding and reception.

Keynote Lectures:

  • Andrea R. Halpern, Professor of Psychology, Bucknell University, USA
  • Iarla Ó Lionáird, Traditional Artist in Residence, University College Cork, Ireland



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  • Published: Jan 30th, 2014
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operaimprovisatörerna on swedish radio

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mozartSwedish Radio P1 is broadcasting an interview and a performance with Sara Wilén and Operaimprovisatörerna. The show starts at 6 pm. See SR web page for more information.

nguyễn thanh thủy 25% seminar

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Where: Inter Art Center, Red room, MalmöIMG_8910
When: 13.00-16.00, February 5, 2014

The choreography of gender in traditional Vietnamese music

This artistic research project is concerned with the function of gesture in traditional Vietnamese music. One of the aims is to investigate the social function and meaning of musical gesture in this traditional culture. The findings will be subject to a critical reading from a gender perspective. From this point of departure I will attempt to expand the expressive scope of my performance, both in the context of traditional music but also in experimental projects.
In my 25% seminar I will discuss the performance/installation Inside/Outside and the film project Seven Stories in two online papers that include video material and parts of the pieces. The seminar moves seamlessly between performance and discussion and includes a live performance of a scene from Seven Stories.

Researchg documentation and text in Research Catalogue:

  • Inside/Ouside http://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/55919/55920
  • Seven Stories http://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/61130/61131
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  • Published: Jan 30th, 2014
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mette ingvartsen: the artificial nature project


When: 6-7/2, 2014
Where: Kaaitheater, 20 square Sainctelette, 1000 Brussels

In the exhibition Making Things Public (2005) and in the accompanying book, the French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour presented his vision of a ‘politics of things’. How can the concept of representation be extended in our representative democracy so that it loses its exclusive human interpretation? Politics is about the world and therefore it is not only people that are represented in parliament, but also ‘things’. In recent years, Mette Ingvartsen, inspired by Latour’s ideas, has worked on a series of performances in which the question of ‘non-human actions’ in a choreography play a central role. It is no longer the performer’s body alone that she brings to the stage; she also allows objects and materials to act as full participants. This is a repeat of the four performances that resulted from that research.

malin arnell: the oncoming corner


The oncoming corner, Malin Arnell’s series of monthly gatherings that takes place in her apartment. A space for sharing the makings of the participants, for communising, for socialising, and for them to think together about what these terms can mean and how their potential can be used .

  • The Oncoming Corner #12, February 23, 2014 4:30pm-7pm FRANK (Sille Storihle and Liv Bugge) and Mathias Danbolt
  • The Oncoming Corner #11, Jan 30 2014, 6:30pm-9pm Malin Arnell, Fia Backström, Katie Hubbard, Clara López Menéndez and Jen Rosenblit

new events museum, new york

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Sing, Yell, Tell: A Panel on Voice

As part of the upcoming exhibition of Jeanine Oleson’s exhibition Hear, Here the New Events Museum is presenting Sing, Yell, Tell, a public panel bringing together experts who will discuss the notion of voice, from technical concerns to political potential to affective possibilities. This is the beginning of a full Season exploration of VOICE, ranging from the relationships between vocal performers and engaged audiences to voice as agency in political work. Is there a connection between the discernment of an audience and the galvanizing of political agency when viewing the world stage? Is the affective power of another’s voice an activating force? Is there a historic connection between care, queerness, cultural criticism, and activist voice?


cecilia parsberg: 50% seminar


Where: The Museum of World Culture, GöteborgPastedGraphic-1
When: 30/1 10-12 (will be held in Swedish)

How do you become a successful beggar in Sweden?

50% doctoral seminar
Opponent: Klas Grinell, history of ideas.

In her research she poses these questions:

  • What image is the kneeling begger facing?
  • What image is the giver facing when he or she give or don’t give to the begger?
  • What are the potential images in the space of action between the beggar and the giver, and how can these images be portrayed?

Through various practices she tries out how these ”images” – collective as well as individual, visual as well as linguistic – are set in play in the society.

28/1 – 2/2 open Laboratory at The Museum of World Culture, Göteborg
Cecilia Parsberg has since two years researched what images beggars and givers have of each other. Now she has moved her studio to the museum, where she holds five days “open laboratory”. Visitors are welcome to meet her and discuss. See additional seminar info at www.varldskulturmuseerna.se or the project sites: beggingasaprofession.eu (English) tiggerisomyrke.se (Swedish)

filmrummet göteborgs filmfestival

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When: Januari 25-28
Where: Pustervik, Göteborg

The Swedish Film Institute’s Filmrummet (“The Film Room”) is a series of seminars, workshops and talks, held at the Film House in Stockholm and at other locations in Sweden. Our ambition is to be a creative meeting place for discussion and dynamic controversy, a forum for explorative processes surrounding film, film policy and cinematic art.

The program can be seen here and previous filmrummet events may be seen here.

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