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  • Published: Feb 28th, 2014
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doctoral defenses in gothenburg

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Please note that all seminars and public defenses this spring will be held in Swedish

When: FRIDAY 4th APRIL 13.00
Where: Aulan, HDK – Högskolan för design och konsthantverk, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, Göteborg
Katarina Wetter Edman, design (Business & Design), HDK
Title: Design for Service: A framework for exploring designers’ contribution as interpreter of users’ experience
Opponent: professor Anna Meroni, Politecnico Milano

When: MONDAY 7th APRIL 11.00
Where: Jacobsonteatern, Artisten, Högskolan för scen och musik, Fågelsången 1, Göteborg
Ulf Friberg, scenisk gestaltning / Performance in Theatre and Music Drama, HSM
Title: Den kapitalistiska skådespelaren – Förändringar av skådespelarens hantverk och syn på sin profession
Opponent: Sven-Eric Liedman, professor emeritus i idé och lärdomshistoria, Göteborgs universitet
The defense consists of two parts: 11.00: the theatre performance “Tystnad”, and 13.00 the public defense

When: FRIDAY 23rd MAY 10.00
Where: Lingsalen (A505), Artisten, Högskolan för scen och musik, Fågelsången 1, Göteborg
Carin Borgström-Källén, estetiska uttrycksformer med inriktning mot utbildningsvetenskap / Research on Arts Education, HSM
Title: När musik gör skillnad – genus och genrepraktiker i samspel
Opponent: Petter Dyndahl, professor, Högskolen Hedmark, Norge

When: TUESDAY 3rd JUNE 13.00
Where: Hörsalen, Göteborgs konstmuseum, Götaplatsen, Göteborg
Niclas Östlind, fotografi / photography, Akademin Valand
Title: Performing History. Fotografi i Sverige 1970-2014
Opponent: Max Liljefors, professor i konsthistoria och visuella studier, Lunds universitet

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doctoral seminars gothenburg

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50% seminars

Where: C302, Högskolan för scen och musik, Artisten, Göteborg
When: Thursday 13th March 13.00-16.00
Märtha Pastorek Gripson, estetiska uttrycksformer med inriktning mot utbildningsvetenskap (dans)
Diskutant: Fil. Dr Charlotte Svendler Nielsen, Københavns universitet

When: FRIDAY 4th APRIL 9.00-12.00
Where: Room 338 (Stora Hörsalen), HDK, Göteborg
Mårten Medbo, Konsthantverk/Crafts
Title: Vad är det för speciellt med att vara konsthantverkare?
Opponent: Finn Thorbjørn Hansen, Professor in Philosophical and Dialogical Praxis, Center for Dialog og Organisation, Institut for Kommunikation, Aalborg Universitet

final seminars – final reviews

When: THURSDAY 10th APRIL 13.00-16.00
Where: Glashuset, Akademin Valand, Chalmersgatan 4, Göteborg
Mara Lee Gerdén, litterär gestaltning
Opponent: Ulrika Dahl, docent i genusvetenskap, Södertörns högskola

When: FRIDAY 11th APRIL 13.00-16.00
Where: Robert Franksalen, Akademin Valand, Storgatan 43, Göteborg
Helga Krook, litterär gestaltning
Opponent: Alexander Bareis, universitetslektor i tyska med litteraturvetenskaplig inriktning vid språk- och litteraturcentrum, Lunds universitet

When: MONDAY 2nd JUNE 13.00
Where: Glashuset, Akademin Valand, Chalmersgatan 4, Göteborg
Cecilia Grönberg, fotografisk gestaltning
Title: Händelsehorisont || Event horizon

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conceptual blending and vertical dramaturgy

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Malmö (entrance code is 2323)
When: March 3, 19.00

As part of the series of seminars on dramatic arts, contemporary music, videoart and performance, the second seminar on conceptual blending and vertical dramaturgy will discuss the work of Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner. If conceptual blending can be understood as an extension of the metaphor to include also non verbal communication, vertical dramaturgy is a means of structuring artistic content within a common time flow.

The seminars are held in Swedish and are a part of the artistic research project ”Ögonblickets anatomi”


  • Erik Rynell: Conceptual blending
  • Jörgen Dahlqvist: Vertical dramaturgy
  • Kent Olofsson: Vertical dramaturgy and composition

the eparm forum and sar

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The first EPARM Forum – Stockholm, 6-8 March 2014
hosted by the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in collaboration with SAR

The EPARM Forum, which will take place in Stockholm on 6-8 March 2014 has been planned to coincide with the annual meeting of the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) and a key element of the programme will be a joint roundtable discussion with representatives from both EPARM and SAR. For more information about the SAR event click here (please note that separate registration is required to attend the SAR meeting. For further information please mail Julia Asperska.)

All the relevant links and documents are available on the dedicated page of the new AEC website. The deadline for registration and payment is 17th February 2014. Institutions are very much encouraged to send one or more students to the meeting. The AEC is willing to offer a special discounted rate to students willing to join the forum.

swedish research council: call for research proposals


The yearly call for artistic research proposals is now open at the Swedish research council. The deadline is March 26 and more information is to be found at www.vr.se.

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cecilia parsberg on obs magasin (sr)


Cecilia’s phd project on beggars and begging is discussed in Obs Magasin on Swedish Radio, first aired on February 26. The discussion concerns beggars in Sweden in general and Cecilia’s work is used to inform the discussion. Partners in the discussion are Aaron Israelsson, editor for the Swedish magazine Faktum sold by homeless people, and Mats Högelius from the Swedish Church i Lund.

The program (in Swedish) can be heard on the Swedish radio web site: sverigesradio.se.

Cecilia’s recent 50% seminar was held in Gothenburg a few months ago.

probing into the future

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During spring 2014 Tina Eriksson Fredriksson will be working with Konstnärliga forskarskolan in order to probe into needs and possibilities for the future of Konstnärliga forskarskolan. The current funding ends in 2015 but the Swedish Ministry of Education has stated that a continued activity is vital and desired.
Tina is a visual artist, with an extensive background also as project manager at, amongst others, Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture, ccap, the Public Art Agency Sweden and the MADE-festival.
If you have questions and suggestions, please contact her at tina.eriksson.fredriksson@gmail.com!

peter spissky – 50%

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Where: Inter Arts Center (IAC), Röda rummet, Bergsgatan 29. Portkod 2344
When: Monday 24th February, 13:00-16:00

Ups and Downs – Violin Bowing as Gesture

50% concert-presentation and seminar

An attempt at acquiring the characteristic features of idiomatic Baroque violin bowing through investigating the gestural patterns derived from speech, acting and dance, and their assimilation into bowing action.



The Swedish Film Institute’s Filmrummet (“The Film Room”) is a series of seminars, workshops and talks, held at the Film House in Stockholm and at other locations in Sweden. Our ambition is to be a creative meeting place for discussion and dynamic controversy, a forum for explorative processes surrounding film, film policy and cinematic art.

For more information on the March program, please see the sfi web page (in Swedish only).

limit-cruisers (#1 sphere)

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A performance for listeners and observers in two acts

by Janna Holmstedt
The artist Janna Holmstedt presents her performance Limit-Cruisers for 6 participants at Weld, Stockholm, 21-23 February.  In Janna Holmstedt’s work there is no privileged position or full view. There is no audience and no actors. There isn’t even any artwork unless you activate it and set it in motion. As a visitor, you are invited to explore the experience of being situated and responsive, where exformation is called into play and normality is questioned. You don’t need to perform, only engage.

Limit-Cruisers is the first of a series of performances that are included in the artist Janna Holmstedt’s research project ”What You See is not What You Get”. Different versions of Limit-Cruisers have been performed at Inter Arts Center in Malmö, and at Performance Studies international Conference #19, Stanford University, California.

For booking and more information.

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