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pufendorf institute and opera improvisation

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Where: Pufendorf institute, Lund
When: Maj 5-6

The Pufendorf institute is celebrating its five year aniversary. The full program can be downloaded here. PhD candidate Sara Wilén is performing on May 6 at 12:00 with her pianist Conny Antonow.

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BUS and anna petterson

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Where: Bondegatan 1F Stockholm
When: Maj 26

The theatre group BUS together with actress Anna Petterson invites to a unique and specially composed evening. Anna Petterson is a renowned actress and PhD candidate at StDH.

This event is part of Filmrummet, Filminstitutets meeting place for discussions, seminars and creative processes.

Please register with hanna.soderstedt@sfi.se no later than May 15.

steve gravestock – toronto intl filmfestival

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Where: Bio Mauritz, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1, Stockholm
When: April 29, 9:00 – 9:45

Steve Gravestock is a senior programmer of Nordic films at Toronto international film festival. He is currently in Sweden for a visit at Filmhuset and there is a chance to meet him and listen to hsís discussion with Pia Lundberg at Filhuset. Toronto filmfestival is one of the largest film festivals in the world and has been held every year since 1976.

Register with hanna.soderstedt@sfi.se

elia events


SHARE Conference Aarhus 20-21 June 2014

Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities

Preliminary Programme: Keynote Speakers Announced!  The conference seeks to bring together artistic researchers, spatial practitioners, architects, urbanists, planners, designers, artists of all disciplines, musicians, composers, performers, activists, community organisers and city-dwellers to consider the question of the contemporary city as a site of enquiry, debate and political and professional contestation.

Martin Prominski of Leibniz University Hanover will deliver one of three keynotes of the event entitled Design and artistic research in the contemporary city. Curator Angelika Fitz will deliver the second keynote address of the conference.  Glasgow, 13-15 November To view the preliminary programme visit the SHARE Conference Aarhus website.  Belgrade, 14-16 November In this the fourth conference of the SHARE network (operating since 2010), we mark the beginning of a new phase of work for the ELIA/SHARE network through this collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture.

Other ELIA news

  • Stockholm, 23-27 July The 15th International Bakhtin Conference
  • Glasgow, 12-16 November, ELIA NEU/NOW LIVE Festival
  • 13th ELIA Biennial Conference: Location Aesthetics
  • FIST 10 – Festival of International Student Theatre
  • Helsinki, 26-27 November 5th Art of Research Conference: Experience, Materiality, Articulation (AOR2014)
  • ArtFutures: Working with Contradictions in Higher Arts Education

seminar and discussion


Where: Univbersity of the Arts, Linnégatan 87, 5 tr.
When: May 7, 17-19:30

Round table discussion seminar with refreshments:

What makes art urgent today?
Under what circumstances can art in society make a difference?
Have the existing art institutions lost their purpose?
Can artistic research recreate and reenact both art and research?


  • Carolina Frände,director
  • Dan Turdén, opera director
  • Dror Feiler, musician and composer
  • Kiki Muukkonen, artistic director Subtopia
  • Ulla Kassius,Scenografer
  • Pernilla Glaser,author (Moderator)

dancism and knot circus: phd presentations at DOCH

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Where: DOCH, Studio 2, University of Dance and Circus, Brinellvägen 58
When: April 23, 12:30-17:00

Two of DOCHs PhD candidates will present their work:
Dancism and Knot Circus – presentation of PhD-projects at DOCH

  • 12.30-14.30, Studio 2, presentation of the project Dancism by PhD Candidate Paz Rojo
  • 15.00-17.00, the Stage, presentation of the project Knot Circus by PhD Candidate Jonathan Priest.

Read more (only in Swedish)
The seminars will be in English

acousmatic for the people

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Bergsg 29, Malmöbayle-acousmonium

A series of concerts reenacting some electronic classics as well as presenting new works at IAC in Malmö for an unique setup of speakers.

Tisdag 22/4, kl 19.00 – Sample Mon amour
Musik av Beatriz Ferreira, Jonty Harrison, Horacio Vaggione.

Torsdag 24/4, Kl 19.00 – Åke Parmerud

Lördag 26/4, Kl 19.00 – Synth up!
Musik av Francois Baýle, John Chowning, Jonty Harrisson, Ryoji Ikeda, Gyorgy Ligeti, Alva Noto

Fredag 2/5, Kl 17.00 – Fresh music from Malmö
Musik av Alfred Jimenez, Christos Ntovas, Camilla Söderberg, Simon Söfelde

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phd defence malmö


Where: Lilla salen, Malmö Academy of Music, Ystadvägen 25
When: May 9, 2014, 10.00

PhD student Sven Bjerstedt defends his his PhD thesis in Research in Music Education on his thesis Storytelling in Jazz Improvisation: Implications of a Rich Intermedial Metaphor. The dissertation will be held in English.

Link to the thesis at Lund University Publications.

symposium: in the blend

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Bergsg. 29, Malmö
When: April 22-25

Susan Sontag’s famous essay Against Interpretation serves as a point of departure in the artistic research stranderfrontproject Ögonblickets Anatomi (Loosly: The Anatomy of the Moment) led by Teatr Weimar and the Theatre Academy in Malmö. The focus is put on the artistic work as a carrier of its own terminology and its own discourse. The title of the symposium, In the Blend, has been taken from the book by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner where the authors are constructing the term conceptual blending to denote the integration of meaning and terminology in order to create new meanings and new outlooks. The symposium is about thinking in art and includes artistic works, seminars, presentations and discussions.

In the Blend and Ögonblickets Anatomi are financed by the Swedish Research Council
Ögonblickets Anatomi is a collaboration between Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Inter Arts Center, Teatr Weimar andwlabs.


The program can be found here.

call for papers: arf 2014, tromsø

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There will be a gathering within the Norwegian Artistic Research Forum in Tromso in Norway. It will take place October 21-23 and is a yearly conference on artistic development work.

This year ARF will be open for a few project of artistic research presentations from the other Scandinavian countries. A presentation should be 30-40 minutes and the proposer should suggest an opponent for the presentation. Including discussions the presentation will be about 90 minutes. ARF will cover travel and accomodation for accepted proposals. For more information, see www.artistic-research.no.

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