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festival del film locarno 7-11 august 2014 (1 hp)

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The Festival del film Locarno is a festival that has occupied a unique position in the landscape of the major auteur film festivals for 67 years. For artists working with the film medium Locarno offers an invaluable meeting-place, and opportunity to unearth the gems from a challenging selection of world premières, to take the pulse of new tendencies, and explore new terrain opening up in contemporary cinema. The course takes place between August 7 -11 2014 and will be structured around the films, lectures, round tables, labs, workshops and case studies the film festival offers. You will have the opportunity to attend several screenings per day. During each day or evening the group will meet for a joint discussion and critical reflection. Discussion leader and examiner of the course is Tobias Hering. Tobias Hering is a film curator and journalist. He co-organises the film series “Umbrüche: Film als zeitgenössischer Akteur” (Upheavals: film as a contemporary actor) at the Zeughauskino in Berlin in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

The course curriculum can be found here.

50% seminar: bruno faria

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Where: Liljieforssalen, Malmö Academy of Musicsoundpaint
When: June 3 at 17:00 and June 4 at 10.00

Flutist and PhD candidate Bruno Faria will present his 50% seminar at Malmö Academy of Music starting on June 3 with a Soundpainting ensemble performance in Liljieforssalen.

The title of his work is Embodying music through (un)notated signs and gestures: reexamining musicianship through the transformed musical horizon of the sign language Soundpainting and his opponent will be Catarina Domenici (UFRGS – Brazil). A solo performance and their discussion on his thesis will start at 10:00 on June 4.

On the June 5 (10-15), Catarina Domenici will speak about her collaborative work with composers and also about research in music in Brazil.

jar 5 available


The fifth edition of JAR (Journal for Artistic Research) is now online.

Contributions to this new issue come from artistic researchers working in and between the fields of fine art, choreography, photography, performance, and arts education:

Jaimie Henthorn (US), Juliet Macdonald (GB), Teemu Mäki (FI), Sheilah Wilson (CA), and Amber Yared and Heather Davis (CA).

Through its open submission policy on the back of a very general concern (‘artistic research’), JAR attempts to challenge any one meaning of ‘artistic research’ by moving the emphasis from narrow definitions of ‘discipline’, which regulate what is and what is not possible at any given time, to epistemic engagements in artistic practice in their widest and most diverse form. This challenge is a direct result of JAR’s commitment to publish expositions of practice as research, that is, to follow notions of research as they emerge from artistic practice.

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a state of migration

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Resources.14 – A state of Migration: Sweden

A post-master 60 hp course in Architecture at the Royal Art Academy.
Application deadline: June 9, 2014

Resources has during the last few years studied urban development and change in relation to reduced resources, a changing climate and the idea of the right to claim the city. Approaching the last year of Resources focus is instead turned towards Swedish contemporary art. Resources.14 will study urban Sweden from the point of view of migration and the changes that follows: A Swedish Urbanism

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hamlet II: exit ghost

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The radio theatre version of Teatr Weimar’s Hamlet II: exit ghost has won third price in the 18th Prix Marulic – International Festival of Radio Plays and Documentary Radio Dramas. The concept for Hamlet II was developed by Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson, Rafael Pettersson and Linda Ritzén and it was produced by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Kent Olofsson has also written the music for the play.

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