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jar submission deadline

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template-sar.png While the publication of JAR6 is immanent, the next submission deadline for Journal for Artistic Research (September 8, 2014) is coming up fast.

Submissions can be made through the Research Catalogue until September 8, 2014. Should you have any questions or require help with submitting, please contact Barnaby Drabble barnaby.drabble@jar-online.net

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  • Published: Aug 28th, 2014
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new museum seminars


Call for applications: (temporary) collections of the.

Ideas upcoming Fall 2014 Season will be dedicated to CHOREOGRAPHY. The seasonal, research-based approach allows artists and audiences to engage across multiple initiatives and to experiment and test the limits of ideas, connecting individual projects in active dialogues over the duration of several months.

Read more on the webpage!

the wall by elfriede jelinek

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When: Saturday, September 13 at 19.00. Playing until September 20.
Where: Black Room at Inter Arts Center in Malmö.


A stove. A cigarette. A nylon nightgown. The naked skin.

Elfriede Jelinek, Sylvia Plath, Ingeborg Bachmann and Marlen Haushofer will tell you the truth. But it wouldn´t be possible if the object of revelation were another human being. Consequently, it is a wall.

The Wall is the fifth and last part of the suite Princess Dramas: Death and the Maiden I-V by Elfriede Jelinek. Here, Sylvia and Inge are performing a ritual slaughter on a male animal. The title, The Wall, refers to the 1963 novel of the same name by Austrian author Marlen Haushofer, whose unnamed protagonist awakes one day to find herself completely alone in a world that has died; separated from the outside world by an invisible wall, she writes on scraps of paper in an attempt to retain her sanity through the ordeal.

Together with the production of Rosamunde (2011) and the coming Winterreise (2016), the performance of The Wall founds the artistic articulation of the doctoral thesis work by Petra Fransson at the Theatre Academy in Malmö. Thematically, the triptych problematizes emancipation – investigates the relationship between the body and a possible existence by probing Simone de Beauvoir’s ethics of ambivalence as an artistic method – and seeks to promote acting as a dialogical and reformulating practise.

Translation: Magnus Lindman | Adaptation and performance: Petra Fransson | Set design: Sofie Josefsson | Costume and mask design: Jenny Ljungberg | Light design: Mira Svanberg

Tickets at www.kulturcentralen.nu

The production is a collaboration between Avdelning14 and the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University, with support from Kulturrådet and Stockholm Stad. Publisher: Nordiska ApS – Köpenhamn

the chorus of giving and the chorus of begging

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When: August 23–September 14, kl.12-18 (opening reception: August 23, 16:00)
Where: Six joined containers behind Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg


In the exhibition MOTBILDER, artistic director for ICIA, Anna van der Vliet, presents a new film and sound installation by Cecilia Parsberg.

The political is the very foundation of my artistic work. The political happens every day, between people in my neighborhood, people who share my existence. I see and feel a physical and mental distance between those on their knees on the street and passers by, between beggars and givers. The viewer is invited into that space “in-between.” There is a dialogue, or lack of dialogue, between the two choruses; between voices, facial expressions and bodies. The installation “The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging” is an embodiment of this experiential space. A mirror of the situation that everybody can experience on the street and refer to in their day-to-day lives. It is my hope that art will make visible this in-between space – which seems difficult to talk about – as a space for action; and thus contribute to the possibility for political action in and about this space.

More information at tiggerisomyrke.se.
Radio: http://sverigesradio.se/p1/tendens

“The Chorus of Giving and the Chorus of Begging” is part of Cecilia Parsberg’s research: How do you become a succesful beggar in Sweden?

parse: publication and conference

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PARSE is an international art and research publishing and conferencing initiative based at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. It seeks to promote an innovative multidisciplinary research culture in the arts (understood as including music, performing arts, art, design, architecture, literature, film and media.) In creating dialogues and exploring collaborations between researchers in the arts and in other disciplines, PARSE respects the need for the integrity, freedom and specificity of artistic practices.

Combining a biennial research conference and a twice-annually published peer-review research journal (print and online), PARSE provides a forum for dialogue between artistic researchers and researchers from other domains and disciplines.

stint: research grants

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The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT, was set up by the Swedish Government in 1994 with the mission to internationalise Swedish higher education and research. They are announcing a series of grants for international exchange. Most of these are for researchers that are working at a university in Sweden and have obtained their PhD. But if these kinds of projects are of interest it may be good to look at the grants offered and start thinking about designing a compatible project.

tacit or loud: where is the knowledge in art?

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Symposium and festival for artistic research

Nov 28-Dec 3, 2014

Call for contributions

Tacit or Loud is an international symposium and a festival for experimental arts at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden. Tacit or Loud focuses on intermedia art and presents several international world premieres. Inter Arts Center (IAC) is an organization within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts located in the old Mazetti chocolate factory in Malmö. IAC provides good facilities for interdisciplinary projects, including fine arts, music and theatre, but also other arts and disciplines. For information on the venues please see  http://www.iac.lu.se.

Where is the knowledge in art?

We embrace an ecological perspective on knowledge that stretches from the tacit and embodied knowing of the artist to propositional and scientific knowledge production. Indeed, the knowledge in art can sometimes be more loud than silent. We now welcome proposals to a symposium that challenges the format of the scientific symposium. Contributions may be in artistic form (encouraged), as conference papers or in a format that combines the two. The ambition with Tacit or Loud is to merge various kinds of knowledge production in the arts with analytical modes of thinking.  Hence, it is centered around the concept of the lab as a venue for a review of artistic work and research as process.

For the complete call and more information, please see Tacit or Loud: call for presentations.

glänta, parsperg and migration

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glanta Begging and giving in free movement Europe: The informal politics of distribution on the streets – begging, giving – makes visible the faults inherent to the European welfare system (see more at Eurozine), writes Cecilia Parsberg.

“Free movement is intended to open up national borders, but when poor EU citizens make use of this freedom to travel and do what they can to make money within the framework of the law, they are met by rules and statutes that aim to prevent them from enjoying this possibility.”

Parsberg‘s text is accompanied by a series of photographs of places were beggars usually sit: street corners, subway stations, department store entrances. But what is left is only a trace: a piece of cardboard, an empty cup, a pile of warm clothes. The effect is at least as unheimlich as Lina Ekdahl’s poem.

new semester

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Welcome back to a new semester with Konstnarliga Forskarskolan. As usual, stay tuned with our activities on this feed!

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