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board meeting november 23

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November 23 the board of Konstnärliga forskarskolan had a board meeting in Stockholm.
During the board meeting the following deputy members of the board were appointed: Claes Peter Hellwig (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts), Sverker Jullander (Piteå department of Music and Media) and Claes Fellbom (Unversity College of Opera). The election committee was asked to find yet another deputy member as a replacement for Johan Redström, who has resigned since he’s leaving University of Borås. The election committee was also asked to find two additional regular members of the board from the group of PhD candidates.
The budget for 2011, as well as the preliminary budgets for 2012-2015, was approved. The board also approved of the idea of organizing a meeting with the librarians during 2011, in addition to the already approved of meeting for administrators in Gothenburg February 3-4. The board also approved of further discussions with CED, Center for Educational Development at Lund University, to take further responsibility for the network and education of supervisors.
The plans for the semester meeting in Malmö February 7-9 were discussed, and the board approved of using open space methodology for formulating ideas and plans for themes and working formats in Konstnärliga forskarskolan. The board members also stressed their positive view on putting emphasis on the associated PhD candidates artistic work in the posts of this website.

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