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The Royal Institute of Art continues The Domain of the Great Bear

Water & the City

A Lecture by Kunlé Adeyemi/founder of NLÉ based in Amsterdam and Lagos

Where: Royal Institute of Art
When: Tuesday, 24 March, 2015 at 16.00

NLÉ aims to critically examine two of the most significant challenges of our time: rapid urbanization and climate change, in the continent with some of the world’s greatest opportunities, Africa. The impact of rapid urbanization and economic growth of African cities is now common knowledge, yet it cannot be overemphasized. At the same time the impact of climate change through water has now become day-to-day reality, with sea level rise, increasing rainfall and frequent flooding. The relationships of ‘water and the city’ on the African continent, have therefore become critical points of intersection for understanding the future of development in Africa.


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