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tacit or loud 28 nov – 3 dec 2014 (1 hp)


This course will adress artistic method and artistic knowledge production in a cross disciplinary manner. The participants will be encouraged to engage in the discussion concerning the locality of knowledge in artistic practice, primarily in the performing arts at the intersection between new currents in research on human cognition and new media; cross-disciplinary art is an emerging field. The course consists of at least three days of participation in the symposium Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art? that takes place in Malmö 28 November 28 – 3 December 2014. It will present a series of installations and performances bringing choreography, theatre, music and fine arts together. Please contact Emma Kihl (emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) for signing up or for further questions.

Download curriculum here.


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