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Marjan Kooroshnia

Marjan Kooroshnia
Marjan Kooroshnia

Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås

Smart textiles (smart colors)
My practice and research revolves around interactive textiles, new materials, processes, technology and technique development. My study focus on “printing” and is an investigation of how to use smart textile materias (Thermo-Chromic color, crystal ink, photo luminescent color and Hydro-Chromic color) in different temperatures. I then combine skills in the craft with new technology in order to develop innovative textile design concepts for both contemporary and future use.
Contact: marjan.kooroshnia(at) hb.se

Marjan Kooroshnia defended her licentiate thesis 30 March 2015
Abstract and documentation of Creating Diverse Colour-Changing Effects on Textiles can be found at Borås Academic Digital Archive

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