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The activities arranged by Konstnärliga forskarskolan were of various kind, aiming at iniatiating and supporting a national infrastructure in the area of postgraduate education and research in the field of arts, as well as at challenging and inspiring the participating artists in their work.

Semester meetings: twice a year there was a larger meeting gathering all the artists, supervisors and other interested researchers and artists. These meetings were hosted by and arranged in collaboration with the participating schools and universities, from 2012 and onward programmed by program committees formed by smaller groups of the associated artists. The programming and organisation corresponded to the mandatory course “Development of formats for collaboration in and communication and challenge of artistic research” (4,5 ECTS-credits)Participation in the semester meetings was mandatory for the artists associated to Konstnärliga forskarskolan, and supervisors were recommended to award 1,5 hp for the active participation in each attended meeting.

workshops/seminars: Konstnärliga forskarskolan offered a wide range of 1-3 day workshops and seminars with invited artists and researchers on given topics, each accredited by 1 hp. The program and content of these workshops/seminars was designed in an ongoing dialogue with the associated artists, often in collaboration with art institutions.

Supervisor’s meetings: Konstnärliga forskarskolan supported and arranged meetings for supervisors and presumtive supervisors. More about these activities can be found under the heading “Supervisors” in the top main menu.

Administrator’s network: Konstnärliga forskarskolan initiated and arranged annual meetings for administrators of postgraduate education at the participating schools, in order to raise awareness and exchange experiences about the formalities and responsibilities involved in employing PhD candidates and documenting both educational and other activities. Responsible for the administrator’s network was Anna Frisk, experienced administrator of the postgraduate education at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg. 

Librarian’s network: Konstnärliga forskarskolan initiated and arranged annual meetings for the librarians at the art schools, to help develop collaboration and knowledge transfer on issues such as information retrieval, archiving and publication of artistic research.

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