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Lisa Tan

Lisa Tan
Lisa Tan
Valand School of Fine Arts, University of Gothenburg

For Every Word Has Its Own Shadow
My project title originates from ruminating over a connection between the prominent Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector and the French literary theorist Maurice Blanchot, who disparately thought about writing and language in terms of an experience of loss.  I am currently working on a trilogy of video works.  The first of these, titled “Sunsets” (2012), documents an informal translation and transcription (Portuguese to English) of a 1977 interview with Clarice Lispector.  Lispector’s figurative and highly imaginative stories approach the limits of subjectivity in remarkable ways.  The piece layers the interview with scenes that were filmed in Sweden during the liminal zone of either 3am during the summer, or 3pm during the winter.  The work addresses values of productivity and passivity in relation to creative labor.

Lisa Tan defended her project 16 December 2015, and the documentation of Every Word Has Its Own Shadows: Sunsets, Notes From Underground, Waves can be found at GUPEA.


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