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Petra Bauer

Petra Bauer
Petra Bauer
University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm

The art of moving images has a collective and political potential. My interest in and engagement for moving images are grounded in this assumption. But it is not an assumption that moving images should be representative of or documenting an action, rather it is an assumption that moving images are a political action in it’s own right. I want to participate actively in a public debate with my films, in a way where the films are not tools but rather talking and participating agents in the discussions. But what does participation mean? When does it take place, what are the conditions of participation? And most crucially: who participates in what and where? My research takes as as it’s starting point both my own and other artists film- and theorymaking in order to reflect on issues of agency and action, on the politics of image, narrativity and production. What possibilites of using moving images as political action today can be opened up by returning to past discussions and actions? What constitutes a political and collective film? Being more specific: what does it mean to make moving images from a feminist perspective?
Contact: petra(at)petra-bauer.se

Petra Bauer defended her project Sisters! Making Films, Doing Politics: an Exploration in Artistic Research 16 September 2016 at The Swedish History Museum, Stockholm. Abstract and full text can be found at LUCRIS

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