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The artists/researchers functioning as supervisors for PhDprojects associated to Konstnärliga forskarskolan during the years 2010-2015 were the following:

Zandra Ahl – Magnus Bärtås – Bojana Cvejic – Göran Dahlberg – Jörgen Dahlqvist – Corinne Diserens – Stina Ekblad – Simon Emmerson – Hans-Ola Ericsson – Claes Fellbom – Henrik Frisk – Johanna Garpe – Andreas Gedin – Lizette Gradén – Ylva Gislén – Lizette Gradén – Antonio Carlos Guimaraes – Hanna Hallgren – Lars Hallnäs – Karin Helander – Hans Hellsten – PeÅ Holmqvist – Rolf Hughes – Karin Johansson – Ola Johansson –  Stefan Jonsson – Ingela Josefsson – Sverker Jullander – Anna Koch – Susan Kozel – Cecilia Lagerström – Hanna Landin – Maria Lind – Pär Lindgren – Anders Ljungar-Chapelon – Håkan Lundström – Nina Möntmann – Per Nilsson – Suzanne Osten – Henrietta Palmér – Doina Petrescu – Sergej Pristas – Göran du Rées – Cecilia Roos – Hinrich Sachs – Natascha Sadr Haghighian –Ana Sanchez-Colberg – Kent Sjöström – Barbro Smeds – Bryndis Snæbjörnsdottír – Something You Should Know: Artists and Producers Today (Patricia Falguières, Élisabeth Lebovici & Natasa Petresin-Bachelez) – Harald Stjerne – Clemens Thornqvist – Tove Torbiörnsson – Christina Zetterlund – Sven-Olof Wallenstein  – Olav Westphalen – Johan Widén – Linda Worbin – John-Paul Zaccarini

Interested supervisors formed a network, with continuous discussions and mutual mentoring. We collaborated closely with the Center for Educational Development at Lund university in developing the structure for these meetings under the heading of Supervision in artistic research – acts of creation, offering participants the possibility to get accredited for the work in developing the role of supervisor, but also in order to gather and create knowledge about the problems and possibilities of supervision in this new area of PhD education.
Irrespective of intentions to complete a formal module or not, all meetings and tasks/activities were open to all participants. Actual as well as potential supervisors were identified by the art schools and invited to follow the activities.
Physical meetings were supplemented with a web based forum called Acts of Creation. More information about the curriculum for the course parts can be found here.

An anthology of essays presenting the supervisors’ experiences and analyses, with Henrik Frisk, Karin Johansson and Åsa Lindberg-Sand as editors, was published during 2015 in collaboration with the book publisher Symposion: Acts of Creation: Thoughts on Artistic Research Supervision.

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