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Kirsi Nevanti

Kirsi Nevanti
Stockholm University of the Arts

A filmmaker’s process of portraying a topic or a person is something I like to compare with an invasion from Mars. Every step of the way, observing, processing and analyzing, is demanding and cannot be rushed. New questions arise constantly, and usually the answer only comes when it’s good and ready. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle. Making a documentary is not a mechanical process; it’s organic. Time and patience are crucial elements in the documentary filmmaker’s world. So is the need to set boundaries, to draw a line between personal and public, to come to terms with difficult ethical and moral issues.
As regards visual storytelling, light and composition, I think it’s important to go beyond appearances. In my opinion, there’s no real difference between documentary film and fiction. Most everything is, on some level, “based on a true story” – it’s about how we humans live our lives, about the dreams (or nightmares) we have. Methods and tools can differ, but at the heart of it, film is film is film! In my PhD-research I want to conceptualize and reflect on creative processes and parallel realities in documentary film. My point of departure is Einstein´s “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” I hope that my research can contribute to the expansion of knowledge. In particular I want to help develop a creative space where reflections can possibly bounce back with a new resonance.
Contact: kirsi.nevanti(at)stdh.se


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