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The office of Konstnärliga forskarskolan was small and distributed, to suite the collaborative and travelling working mode of this research school. The content oriented staff members (director and coordinators) planned, initiated and organized meetings, courses and events, while the more administrative staff (economist, research administrator) was based at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University.

Ylva Gislén

Ylva Gislén, director (employed 60-75% 20100801-20150831)
Ylva Gislén has been working as a cultural journalist, editor, translator & culture and media producer for many years and has had and have a range of commissions of trust in f ex the Swedish Arts Council (1996-1999, 2002) at MDT in Stockholm (2009–) and the Swedish Author’s Fund (2006 – 2012) Since her dissertation in interaction design in 2003 on collaborative narratives in digital media, Rum för handling, she has been focusing on epistemological questions and implications of practice based research in art and design while working as senior lecturer in interaction design at Malmö university from 2006, Head of the Culture and Media Department at K3, Malmö university 2006-2007, Head of Education and head of Research at Dramatiska institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Drama) in Stockholm 2008-2009 and senior researcher in new media and social innovation at MEDEA, Malmö university during 2010. She is associated professor in artistic practice at Lund University since 2010, and visiting professor at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts there 2011-2015.


Emma Kihl. PhD coordinator (employed 50-80% 20120101-20150831)
Emma Kihl is a visual artist educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She has conducted several research projects in which she uses place and context as important parts of the composing of work and knowledge: Parachute  (shown at Arlanda airport), Eternal Entertainment Machine in a former theatre space, and an investigation of the A4-sheet, funded by the Swedish Research Council and available in different modes at the National Library of Sweden Stockholm.


Henrik Frisk, supervisor coordinator (employed 20-80% 20120101-20150831)
Henrik Frisk is an active performer (saxophones and laptop) and composer of contemporary music. He is associate professor at Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University and assistant professor at The Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm. With a special interest in improvisation and interactivity, most of the projects he engages in explore these aspects in one way or another. As an improviser Henrik Frisk has performed in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia including performances at many international festivals including the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, NYC. As a composer he has received commissions from many institutions, ensembles and musicians. He has made numerous recordings for American, Canadian, Swedish and Danish record labels. Henrik Frisk has contributed a chapter to The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts and is editor and contributor to (Re)Thinking Improvisation: Artistic explorations and conceptual writing (Lund University Press).

Christofer Fredriksson

Christofer Fredriksson, PhD coordinator (employed 25% 20100801-20111231)
Christofer Fredriksson  is a visual artist, educated at the Umeå Art Academy 1986-1990, also working as web dessigner and project manager and coordinator at several art schools, particularily knowledgeable in international collaboration and the Vietnamese art world. He has made a range of solo and group exhibitions and performances, both nationally and internationally.


Tina Eriksson Fredriksson, project leader (employed 80% 20140101-20140631)
Tina Eriksson Fredriksson is a visual artist educated at Umeå Art Academy 1988-1995. She has made a range of national and international solo and group exhibitions, but have also profound experience as project leader, initiator and curator of larger transdisciplinary art projects such as the MADE-festival in Umeå, Umeå2014 (cultural capital) and the Weaving Politics-symposium 2012.

Ewa Stolth Minarik, economist (financed by KF 10% 20130101-20150831)
Ewa Stolth Minarik is an experienced controller with a long professional background at the Malmö Music Academy as well as at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University.

Annika Michelsen, research administrator (financed by KF 40-50% 20130301-20150831)
Annika Michelsen is an experienced administrator with a professional background at both the Malmö Art Academy and the Malmö Theatre Academy, research administrator at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University since 2013.


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