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Nils Claesson

Nils Claesson
Stockholm University of the Arts

Narrative and aesthetic structures in animated film
The production of movies is, apart from being the result of the logistic and collaborative efforts of the many people involved, also the result of persisting patterns of thought: history, protocol, tradition. At the centre of this often non-verbal process is the storyboard, often getting more and more messy but understood and used by all artists involved. My research project into these processes departs from the making of an animated movie based on my own memory of Ingmar Bergman’s performance of Strindberg’s Ghost Sonata. During the process I will investigate my own memories, explore Bergman’s choices in a later performance of the same play as well amongst other aspects as the notion of time and pace in animated movies, use the Japanese concept ”kawaii”, and a series of paintings thematically or historically related to Strindberg’s play. Through the detailed making/analysis of the artistic choices in one particular movie I aim to say something about the narrative and aestethic structures , and their relationship to conditions for production and communication, in moviemaking in general.
Contact: nils.claesson(at)stdh.se

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