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Bruno Faria

Bruno Faria
Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University

From the perspective of an instrumentalist (performer and instrument teacher), my research project reflects on how the transformations in musical thinking and writing of the 20thand 21stcenturies affect the musician’s experience, and investigates a possible way to access such transformed musical horizon through the practice of the sign language Soundpainting, created by Walter Thompson in the mid 1970s. The hermeneutical context set in motion bynew shapes of musical gestures, new musical symbols, and new forms to explore aspects of indeterminacy in music writing, at various levels, pose to the musician peculiar challenges and new paradigms. The research focuses on this hermeneutical horizon and examines issues related to language, musical gesture, musical expression, and creativity.

Contact: bruno.faria(at)mhm.lu.se

Bruno Faria defended his project Exercising Musicianship Anew Through Soundpainting: Speaking Music Through Sound Gestures 3 June 2016 at the Music Academy Malmö. Abstract and full documentation can be found at LUCRIS.

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