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Fransisca Skoogh

Fransisca Skoogh
Malmö Academy of Music, Lund university 

In my research I want to explore and understand the way I interpret music, the impact it has on the audience and finally if I am affected by the response from my audience. Is my artistic work influenced by an “expected communication”, in that case how? What happens in the space between interpreter and audience? My first starting point is the theory of Affect as presented by Silvan Tomkins. All humans are born with nine affects. They are the very first, primal and biological set-up that allows us to communicate and are thought to be of great importance from an evolutionary standpoint. Affects are the building blocks of emotions.
Feeling and affect are often used interchangeably, but they differ. Feelings are personal and biographical, emotions are social, and affects are preverbal. The use of all nine affects is important to maintain balance in life. During my years as concert pianist I have become more aware of affects in music, especially classical music. Classical music is often perceived as complex and profound and one of the reasons could be that it contains many, if not all, affects. Some musicians and listeners see for example pictures or a narrative in their interpretation of music. It is my belief that my personal way of interpretation is very much driven by the affects in me and in music. I now want to examine to what extent, and if this is transmitted to my audience.

Contact: fransisca.skoogh(at)mhm.lu.se


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