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workshop poetics of relation

Poetics of relation

Orality is inseparable from the body in movement.

(Edouard Glissant, Caribbean Discourse)

This workshop is a “double bill” and will be hosted by literary researcher Christina Kullberg together with the choreographers Stina Nyberg, Uri Turkenich  and Halla Ólafsdóttir . Two different strands of thinking will be introduced, which both focuses on how to speak through one’s practice.
The workshop takes Édouard Glissant as starting point. Glissant was a Caribbean poet and philosopher (1928- 2011). In his writing aesthetics, poetics, philosophy and politics are intertwined rather than separated. He shares with Spivak and other post-colonial thinkers skepticism towards explanation and transparency. Highly influenced by the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Glissant stresses the importance of thinking beyond known categories and engages in writing in a process of becoming. For him, knowledge is reached by continuously moving from one place to another.
In the workshop we will engage in a close reading of texts by Glissant from his book “Poetics of Relation.” This will be juxtaposed with physical practices developed by the choreographers during the last years. The focus of these practices is sensations, imagination and perception of the body. By letting these two strands of thinking be introduced parallel to one another we believe that interesting and surprising connections could appear.
In the recent years the notion of practice has frequently occurred within the field of choreography, especially when insisting on a development achieved through continuity, a specific form of producing work and sharing experiences as much as a way of challenging knowledge. A practice addresses a particular idea or problem through a process of repetition. Emerging from specific defining parameters, sometimes in view of method, practices produce a know-how that cannot be separated from the particularity of the practice. This particularity arises from it being implicated into a specific materiality: there is no idea without a material expression, as much as there is no knowledge unless it is practiced. Involving in these experience-based and usage-oriented practices thus allows for a cooperative knowledge production, where learning, doing and thinking intertwine.

The reading of the following three texts by Eduoard Glissant are required for preparation:
“Poetics” from Caribbean Discourse
“For Opacity” from Poetics of Relation

Christina Kullberg holds a double Ph.D. from New York University (2006) and Uppsala University (2009) in French and Francophone Literatures. Currently, she works as a researcher at the Department of Modern Languages, Uppsala. She has written extensively on Édouard Glissant and French Caribbean writing. Moreover, her work contains numerous translations from French to Swedish, notably texts by Rancière, Deleuze and Glissant, among others and his last book ”Philosophie de la relation. Poésie en étendue” (”Relationens filosofi. Omfångets poesi”, Glänta Produktion 2012).

Stina Nyberg and Uri Turkenich are part of the curatorial team arranging a Practice Symposium in Stockholm the 29-30th of September, to which also Halla Ólafsdóttir is invited to present a practice. Their interest with this symposium is to use the academic framework of a symposium to share practices; to practically involve in learning processes where the learning is inherent in its doing.

Stina Nyberg comes from Sweden where she makes and performs choreography. She graduated from the MA in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm in January 2012. She is interested in choreographic methods and the notion of practice, creating practice-based performances and workshops. This year she has been working both as a performer and choreographer, solo and in collaborations, and is currently creating a piece for the students at the Royal Swedish Ballet School.

Halla Ólafsdóttir is an Icelandic artist, dancer and choreographer living and working in Stockholm. Her work is concerned with methods of reinterpretation of recognizable formats of representation facilitating a new shared experience. Halla is a MA choreography graduate from DOCH (Stockholm) and for the past four years Halla has been part of mychoreography and INPEX, creating and performing a number of pieces which have toured to festivals in Sweden, England, Belgium, France, Germany and the United States. She has recently been touring her pieces It´s definitely the spiritual thing and Beauty and the Beast. Halla is currently working on the remake of Giselle and with the curation of Reykjavík Dance Festival.

Uri Turkenich is a dance and performance related artist currently residing in Stockholm, he has been active in the field of performance and choreography since 2003. In his works he is concerned with notions of change, Vitalism and the Marxists idea of social relations. Lately he graduated from the MA program for Choreography at the University of Dance in Stockholm where he continues to create performances alone and in various collaborations settings.

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