Konstnärliga forskarskolan

Paz Rojo


Paz Rojo
Stockholm University of the Arts

This project tries to implement choreography as a radically inclusive practice. It begins by questioning current forms of the body’s subjectivity and governmentality specific to the neoliberal condition in relation to the construction of experimental choreographic devices and techniques that have since the protest context of the 70’s up to the advanced capitalism of today been shaping and mapping a process of rebellion and disobedience of bodies.

Displacing the representational and communicational logic towards a logic of sensation, invisibility and promiscuous contact, it undertakes a continuous praxis experimenting how to interrupt with social subjection and the “servitude’s machine” operations, building up a training as an embodied critique of choreographic, bodily and collective practices as well as artistic modes of production, as a field of ethical and political concern.


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