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Ylva Gislén

Ylva Gislén
Ylva Gislén
University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre, Stockholm and Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University

Ylva Gislén  has been working as a theatre reviewer/cultural journalist and as culture and media producer for many years and has had and have a range of commissions of trust in f ex the Swedish Arts Council (1996-1999,2002) MDT in Stockholm (2009–) and the Swedish Author’s Fund(2006–) Since her dissertation in interaction design in 2003 on collaborative narratives in digital media, Rum för handling, she has been focusing on epistemological questions and implications of artistic research and practice based research in art and design while working as senior lecturer in interaction design at Malmö university from 2006, Head of the Culture and Media Dept at K3, Malmö university 2006-2007, Head of Education and head of Research at Dramatiska institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Drama) in Stockholm 2008-2009 and senior resercher in new media and social innovation at MEDEA, Malmö university during 2010. She is currently director of Konstnärliga forskarskolan and holds a position as associate professor in artistic practice at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund university. She is the main supervisor of Christina Ouzounidis and Petra Fransson at the Theatre Academy in Malmö, and assisting supervisor of Kirsi Nevanti at Stockholm University of the Arts as well as for Karin Hansson at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm.



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