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Birgitta Nordström

Birgitta Nordström
School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg

In the Ritual Room – the meeting point between man and cloth:This is an investigation about conceptions related to ritual textiles, to get dressed and undressed, about swaddling and burials. The mantle and the blanket are objects in focus. To be more precise, there are three sorts of textiles in the research, a bishop’s cope, swaddling blankets and funeral palls.
I am interested to look into the crafting process and how the textile objects ”perform” in their ritual context.
By making objects, hand woven and embroidered or in a digital industrial process, I am looking into how the artefacts are being used in their ritual context. Reading, writing, weaving are my central activities.


Birgitta Nordström defended her project I ritens rum – om mötet mellan tyg och människa 27 January 2016 at HDK Gothenburg. Abstract and dokumentation can be found at GUPEA.

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