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petra bauer at venice biennale

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Petra Bauer, PhD candidate in visual art at Konstfack, is invited to be part of the main exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015. A short interview about the selected work can be found here.

politics of taste

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The European Summer School in Cultural Studies is a network-based seminar for interdisciplinary research training in the fields of art and culture, organized by the PhD Programme in Cultural Studies, Literature and the Arts at the University of Copenhagen, The Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, The International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture at the University of Giessen, The London Consortium, École Doctorale Esthétique, sciences et technologies des arts at Université de Paris VIII, the Lisbon Consortium, Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis Ljublana and The University of Trondheim.
English is the official language and the activities takes place in the magnificent Hotel de Lauzun in central Paris. The program is very rich, and surely interesting for most subjects in our disciplines. The School offers a European platform for the development of cultural studies with a focus on new research methodologies, models for interdisciplinary research organization, and presentation of exemplary topics that address seminal problems and perspectives in contemporary cultural studies.
The ESSCS is hosted each year by one of the eight partner institutions and accommodates 8 keynote speakers, including representatives from the five collaborating institutions, and up to 50 junior researchers from Europe and abroad. The primary target group for the summer school is candidates enrolled in a PhD-programme, but a number of seats will be reserved for post.doc.-candidates in order to enhance the continuity in research training beyond the PhD-level.

See http://esscs.hum.ku.dk/ for more information.

will art save the world? (part three)

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When: May 13 at 17:00 – 19:30
Where: Linnégatan 87, rum L502, 5 tr.

“What’s in it for the sciences?” is the third within the seminar series “Will art save the world?” – in which the role of artistic research within different professional fields is debated.
The event will discuss what artistic research might contribute to the sciences. We will speculate, dream and problematize what artistic research might mean for art, society, and the sciences.
The panel consists of:

  • Tove Kjellmark – Swedish artist who works with uncanny robotics and human empathy
  • Ariane Koek – former leader of International Arts Development at CERN, Switzerland
  • Dana Whitco – Founding Director of Tisch Initiative for Creative Research (TCR), New York, USA.

Rolf Hughes, Head of Research, Stockholm University of the Arts, is the moderator.

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culture and brain

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Welcome to the next lecture in the series “Culture and Brain” at Karolinska Institutet

When: Tuesday May 12 th, 15.00
Where: Wallenbergsalen, Nobel forum, Nobels väg 1, KI Solna campus

Isabella Peretz from The International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS Institute), Montreal will lecture under the heading The Nature of Music: Evidence from Congenital Amusia. Host is Gunnar Bjursell.

surround audience

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Lisa Tan is participating in the show 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience at the New Museum in New York. Yevgeniya Traps has written about it in Forward. The 2015 Triennial is organized by Lauren Cornell, Curator, 2015 Triennial, Museum as Hub, and Digital Projects, and artist Ryan Trecartin, with Sara O’Keeffe and Helga Christoffersen, Assistant Curators.

gertrude stein on speaking and writing

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radioreplikFebruary 27 2015 Christina Ouzounidis held a seminar in Malmö on Gertrude Stein, together with Ylva Gislén, poets Ida Börjel and Jenny Tunedal, cognitive scientist and translator Anna Cabak Rédei and senior lecturer in literature Nils Olsson. The starting point for the seminar was Gertrude Stein’s What is a Masterpiece?. The text was prerecorded in a reading by actor Petra Fransson and each of the participants had been asked to prepare a short talk. The talks and the following discussions are now edited and available as the podcast Radio Replik.

Radio Replik at Soundcloud

Radio Replik at iTunes.

translate, intertwine, transgress 11-13 june 2015 (1 hp)

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Date: 11-13 June 2015

Location: MDT and Moderna Museet Skeppsholmen

The choreographer Björn Säfsten and the philosopher Per Nilsson have engaged over the past three years in a multidisciplinary research project involving choreography and philosophy, at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. In association with Moderna Museet and MDT, lectures, performances, workshops, discussions and parties will take place on Skeppsholmen for three days, to summarise and celebrate the conclusions of this project. The symposium will take place during the opening of the exhibition After Babel, thus providing a meeting place and venue for events. In lectures and choreographic works, researchers and artists will comment on and discuss the relationship between choreography, art and philosophy. Different theoretical and artistic fields are brought together to explore how they may influence our critical thinking. The symposium will feature works and lectures by Cristina Caprioli, Bojana Cvejić, Mette Edvardsen, Abraham Hurtado, Michael Kliën, Jennifer Lacey, Per Nilsson & Gerd Aurell, Peggy Phelan, Richard Shusterman, Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens, Sarah Vanhee and Haegue Yang.
The course consists of participation in the symposium, and continuous discussions with examiner Cecilia Malmström Olsson.

Download curriculum here.


disordering listening 18-19 june 2015 (1 hp)

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Date: 18.-19. June
Location: Academy of Fine Arts, Schillerplatz 3, 1030 Vienna, DG-12 (top floor)

‘Disordering Listening – a practical seminar’ will be a collective investigation into the role and potentials of listening, considering sound-based practice around listening in relation to social and political subjects and subjectivities. In particular exploring acts and organizations of listening that are embedded in daily life and that activate multiple responses: philosophical, psychological, phenomenological, perceptual, conceptual, political, etc. To “disorder” listening would be to embrace all of these responses transversally, rather than isolating “listening” as an autonomous category of experience. The workshop will be facilitated by Cathy Lane, Professor of Sound Arts at University of the Arts London and founder of the Her Noise Archive, and prepared by three PhD candidates of the PhD in Practice Program in Vienna, Hong-Kai Wang, Janine Jembere, and Keiko Uenishi. Please contact Emma Kihl (emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) for further information and for signing up.

Download curriculum here.n


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artwork by Lisa Billvik

artwork by Lisa Billvik

Where: Riksteatern, Hallunda
When: May 8, 19:00 and May 10, 14:00 and 19:00

Metamorfoser is a performance for four voices and electronics by Anna Einarsson with text and direction by Jörgen Dahlqvist. Vocals by Anna Einarsson, Sofia Jernberg, Sara Niklasson and Lina Nyberg. Live electronics by Jakob Riis.

The piece is a variation on Ovidius metamorfoses here the four singers embody their different stages of transformation. The four roles, P, S, G, and N are four archetypes that have either changed themselves or been altered by others’ gaze.

Metamorfoser is also an investigation of the relations that occur as a function the bodily motions in space.

jar at venice biennale

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photo: Jan Kaila

photo: Jan Kaila

A daylong event of talks and discussions related to the Journal of Artistic Research (JAR) at the 56th Venice Biennale will take place 19 May 2015. The title of the event is per.SPICE!: the art of research with the spice of perception.

First Research Pavilion
Sala del Camino, Campo S. Cosmo, Giudecca 621
(Vaporetto stop: Palanca)

The University of the Arts Helsinki is organising a Research Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. The first pavilion in the history of the biennale to be dedicated to research will consist of an international contemporary art exhibition and a platform for events, both featuring artistic research. The dynamic between artistic research and contemporary art will be explored through the theme of experimentality.

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