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  • Published: Jan 23rd, 2012
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a.pass is a one year artistic research program, based in Antwerpen, Belgium: open to artists and theoreticians with an interest in exploring the performative and/or spatial dimensions of their practice. The program addresses artists who are working in the performing arts and want to start an artistic research in a professional research environment, free from production constraints – and artists to whom the concepts of performativity or/and scenography are (relatively) new, but who want to explore them in-depth, in relation to their own practice. In a context of self-organization and collaboration the participating artist create a personal trajectory throughout workshops, individual mentoring and interaction with the other participants. At the end of this period, you present and communicate your research. There are free application deadlines for this postmaster program: in January: to start in May, in May: to start in September and in September: to start in January the following year.
Beside the post-master programs, a.pass invites artists and theoreticians — also those possibly already engaged in a PhD in the Arts — to develop independent artistic and transdisciplinary projects producing knowledge and tools relating to the key issues of the a.pass programs.
More information about both this later possibility and  application requirements for the program can be found on the website: www.apass.be, questions can be addressed to  info@apass.be.

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  • Published: Sep 14th, 2011
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don’t know!


a.pass in Brussels, Belgium is an artistic research environment based on self-organization and collaboration that provides an individualized framework for theoreticians and artists to work, think and experiment. They’ve now decided to organize a conference in order to reflect upon the shifting notions of this ‘artistic research’ and to question the political implications of the discourses and practices use(d). In the course of two days (September 16-17) they aim to create a frame in which research is put into practice and shared with the audience, allowing an in-depth experience of research formats, relations and situations, and the specific ‘knowledges’ these produce.
What is the specificity of the knowledge produced in the arts today? Can they still claim a political, or even subversive position in the politicized, aestheticized, techno-sized and mediatized knowledge production process? How do we create the appropriate, critical and creative formats for feedback and support for the (potentially very different) kinds of artistic research? How do we keep the framework for such researches open enough so as not to smother them in an over-protective embrace? And at the same time: how to stimulate the appearance of alternative forms of knowledge out of artist-driven formats of research? More information on this event can be found here.


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