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ana dzokic and marc neelen: 75% seminar

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Practices of the Essential In-Between

75% PhD seminar STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Džokić + Marc Neelen)

When: Monday, 15 June 2015,14.00 – 18.00
Where: City in the Making, Pieter de Raadtstraat 35, 3033 VC Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Practices of the Essential In-Between is an explorative journey with a transformative consequence for STEALTH.unlimited’s practice. The seminar on June 15, part of the PhD trajectory at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (KKH), will take place in Rotterdam, at the very site of one of STEALTH’s ongoing projects, co-initiated within the association City in the Making. Moving between the floors of a set of buildings recently rescued from a destiny of long-term hibernation, the seminar will reflect on this particular endeavour from the perspective of the mind- boggling issue of how and on which premises to common the city, in the context of the unravelling welfare state and re-emergent struggles forurban existence.
The seminar brings contributions by Martijn Jeroen van der Linden (researcher and PhD candidate at TU Delft /Economics of Innovation and Technology), since 2009 involved in new economic thinking, his PhD thesis focuses on the purposes of money and capital, and aims to propose a new design for the monetary system, Aetzel Griffioen (political philosopher, co-ordinator of Skillcity Rotterdam), who researches new forms of collective prosperity and works on socioecologic education in neighbourhoods of Rotterdam-South, and City in the Making community – Erik Jutten, Guido Marsille, Piet Vollaard. Throughout the seminar Ana and Marc will enter a conversation with Saskia van Stein (curator, director Bureau Europa Maastricht) that will zoom-out on the larger framework of STEALTH’s work, particularly in the last couple of years.

urban heritage seminarseries 2013 heritage as common(s) – common(s) as heritage


Nov 5th Extra Session: 1000 – 1200, HDK, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, Lilla Hörsalen
Invited: Norman Klein, California Institute of the Arts
Discussant: Johan Öberg, Akademin Valand

Nov 7th Extra Session: 1300 – 1600, HDK, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8, Lilla Hörsalen
Invited: Ana Džokic & Marc Neelen (STEALTH.unlimited), Kungliga Konsthögskolan /
Sheffield School of Architecture
Guest: Kim Trogal, Sheffield School of Architecture
Auditor: Dougald Hine

In times of extensive privatization of urban space and of welfare institutions, the theme of the seminar is provocative. It is provocative not only because of the statement being made with this focus, but also because the “commons” here will be put in the perspective of heritage. Cultural heritage, although an infinite and seamless notion in and of itself, has seldom been put in relation to “commons” — the negotiated, competed, challenged and variable social areas of sharing that throughout history have been offering various kinds of alternatives to processes of privatization, segregation, partition and separation. Other way around, cultural heritage as such, is one of few contemporary notions that may provoke and complicate current simplified and homogenized understandings of the past. The subject matter of Heritage as common(s) – Common(s) as heritage is thus to put focus on sharing – as space and place, as social imaginary, as practice – and to explore its imperatives.

To register or to get more info mail: henric.benesch@hdk.gu.se or ingrid.holmberg@conservation.gu.se

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