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acts of creation

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The forthcoming anthology on supervision in artistic research education, produced by Konstnärliga forskarskolan and published by Brutus Östling/Symposion is currently printed, and will be released 8th of September 2015. Acts of Creation. Thoughts on Artistic Research Supervision is edited by Henrik Frisk, Karin Johansson and Åsa Lindberg-Sand and features texts also by Sverker Jullander, Tove Torbiörnsson, Ylva Gislén, Hinrich Sachs, Anders Sonesson, Andreas Gedin and Bryndis Snaebjørnsdottir.

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  • Published: May 12th, 2011
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uncertainty in the city

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Uncertainty in the City is a result of a research project in which Bryndis Snæbjörnsdóttir (visual artist and supervisor) and Marc Wilson investigated the margins of tolerance in the fraught relationship between humans and other animals. During their research they observed ambivalence and contradictory vested interests in relation to a wide range of creatures. Most significant is the mixture of responses, the paradoxical nature of human attitudes towards agents of the ‘wild’, and the implicit cohesion-in-tension of the human/nature paradigm. Uncertainty in the City is a guidebook that looks at the human response to the other, to the animals that surround us.
The form of the book refers to the genre of field guides and thus underlines the research-based nature of the artistic practice of Snæbjörnsdòttir/Wilson.

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  • Published: Feb 17th, 2011
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art, philosophy and experimentation

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The first art seminar of spring 2011 at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg will take place Thursday February 17, between 4 pm-8 pm at Valand, Vasagatan 50 (in the former library, 2nd floor). There will be an introduction by the philosopher, writer and art critic Sven Olov Wallenstein and interventions by the artist Elin Wikström, the critic and art theory teacher Fredrik Svensk, artist and researcher Bryndis Snaebjörnsdottir (responsible for research at Valand) the artist Matthew Rana and the philosopher and writer Mats Rosengren, philosopher, writer.

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  • Published: Nov 1st, 2010
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uncertainty in the city

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November 4 2010 there is an artistic seminar at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and performing art at the Universityof Gothenburg exploring artistic research through a theoretical and practical application of socially engaged art practices. The seminar takes place at Valand School of Fine Arts,  16 -20 pm and is organized by Professor Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir who will also present a brief outline on her and Mark Wilson´s recently completed research project Uncertainty in the City currently on show at the Storey Gallery Lancaster UK.
Keynote speaker for this event is Julie Crawshaw. Julie originally trained in Fine Art. She has a postgraduate in Development Studies, and is now undertaking a PhD in Planning and Landscape (University of Manchester) in order to articulate the role of art and the artist in regeneration. She is a Sustainable Consumption Institute Doctoral Scholar (UoM) and a current Fellow of Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart).
Julie will talk about her recent ethnographic study of art practice (research) through the lens of urban regeneration (in the North of England). The presentation will consider the role of art practice within a multi-disciplinary team (of human and non human actors), in thinking about and realising ‘projects’ to support urban ‘regeneration’.
The artists Elke Marhöfer a recent PhD student at Valand and Annika Lundgren, a senior lecturer at Valand, will also present their artistic research.
Elke Marhöfer will talk about her research in P’ansori music, an ancient Korean epic-song-form. It will focus on the formalization of the past as an “invention of tradition”, and how this is used in neo-liberal humanism to built a national identity. She will also present a film project, resulting from this research and that mirrors the power relations involved.
Annika Lundgren will be presenting her recently finalized project The Stock Is Rising, which took place partly online and partly in Frankfurt as a part of the exhibition Playing The City 2, arranged by Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. The project stages an attempt to levitate the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, commemorating the late Abbie Hoffmans Pentagon levitation, and deals with how faith creates reality and with the aspect of irrationality within power structures as well as within resistance strategies.
Food and refreshments will be served during the interval. Please register your attendance with Anna Holgen anna.holgen@valand.gu.se before 1st November.


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