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  • Published: Feb 11th, 2011
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secrets between life and death

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February 12 the Malmö Opera premiers their third opera by composer and Ph D candidate Jonas ForssellHemligheter (Secrets) is about the known Swedish scientist, philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), and takes place in the state of transition between life and death imagined by Swedenborg: a place where you can meet spirits and interact with both the living and the death. Here Swedenborg meets his beloved sister who died very young, as well the Swedish king Karl XII, the Polish princess and French queen Maria Leszczyńska, the politician Fredrik Gyllenborg and the French king Louis XV: all people who played an important role in the life of Swedenborg. The premiere will also be broadcasted live at the Swedish Radio, channel P2 at 18 pm. (photo Malin Arnesson)

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