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last semester meeting Belgrade 3-6 May 2015

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This semester meeting will organised by Ana Dzokic, Marc Neelan, Frida Hållander and Olivia Plender.
The theme will be “Institutions vs. Self-organisation and Self-institutionalisation”, and was chosen early, partly as a response to the decision of closing down of Konstnärliga forskarskolan in early autumn 2014, but also by its congeniality both to self-organisation as an historical land-mark of the particular strand of socialism in former Yugoslavia, and to the many forms of self-organisation necessary for artists, cultural producers and NGOs in in the political and economical conditions of contemporary Serbia – very different to the Swedish art and research context with long-established institutions.
The semester meeting will take on the format of several joint and parallel “walking seminars” throughout the city, thematically organised and guided by knowledgeable artists, theorists and activists. Joint dinners and breakfasts will be used as informal spaces for sharing insights and discussions. More information on the meeting can be found here.
Please contact Emma Kihl (emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) for signing up or for further questions.

frida hållender: 50% seminar

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When: Monday March 3, at 13.00-16.00
Where: Mångkulturellt centrum, Fittja

Frida Hållender is a PhD candidate at Konstfack, Univeristy College for art and design.

The seminar will be held in Swedish.


Katja Grillner is an architect and critic based in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a professor of Critical Studies in Architecture and Director of Architecture in Effect

Otto von Busch (PhD) is professor in textile design at Konstfack university college of arts, crafts and design (Stockholm), and assistant professor at Parsons the New School for Design (New York).

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making knowledge

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Until 16 September 2012 there is an exhibition called Making knowledge at Gustavsbergs konsthall, featuring Frida Hållander from Konstfack, Mårten Medbo from HDK School of Design and Crafts, Kjell Rylander and Caroline Slotte from Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The intention in the exhibition is to highlight and discuss crafts as an area of resarch. The four participating artists are all PhD candidates or equivalent in the area of crafts, and in their research projects they are all contributing to the current and rapid development of crafts. The exhibited works pose questions on materiality and doing, on tradition, class and power, ranging from everyday to existential issues. Bringing together their projects aims at creating a platform for a future discussion on artistic research, and a possiblity to investigate what and who contemporary practice-based research implies, makes and involves.

all that was left

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Lund university
is organizing a workshop, All that was left,  January  26-27 that moves between medical history and art history in order to explore all that was left after the daily work on Tornbladsinstitutet, an embryologic institution founded in Lund 1931. The purpose of the workshop is to develop a greater understanding of the collection, and enable further research on the material, which consists of a large collection where fetuses from many animals, including humans, can be compared with each other and over time.
Frida Hållander, artist and PhD candidate will together with artist Linda Shamma Östrand highlight some reflections on the collection. During the presentation – “Our inexorable quest for original shapes” – they will talk about Tornbladinstitiuets material on the basis of their own background and the artistic practice that we conduct. More information and schedule can be downloaded here. (photo Malin E Nilsson)

frida hållander 25%

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Friday September 16 there will be a 25 % seminar on Frida Hållander’s PhDproject Vernacular Craft at Konstfack between 10-12. The seminar will be held with invited participants only, but Frida Hållander will hold an open lecture reflecting her work up to this date later this autumn!

crafting knowledge

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PhD candidate Frida Hållander is participating in the session “crafting knowledge” coordinated by Anneli Palmsköld and Johanna Rosenqvist during the ACSIS + ACS fourth biannual conference on cultural research under the heading ”Current issues in European Cultural studies”. The other participants in the session are Andreas Nobel, Otto Von Busch, Viveca Berggren Torells, Eva Knuts and David Goldsmith.

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crafted vernacular

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Tuesday May 24, 18 pm, Frida Hållander will speak about her PhD project under the heading Crafted Vernacular – Practice-based research through Craft at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm. She will speak about strategies for a research project through craft, also discussing questions like: what is not articulated in the field of contemporary craft? Which practices are influential? Whose bodies matter?

research and development at konstfack

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December 16 (between 8.45-14) and December 17 between 9-14) there’s an exhibition with six artistic research and development project at Konstfack.  The six projects are concerned with fashion and aging(Helena Hertov Nilsson/Therese Dahlqvist), white ants/black ants (Erik Rosshagen), vernacular craft ( by PhD candidate Frida Hållander), the industrial designer as intuitive synthesist (Ulrika Bohné), the history of exhibition/the exhibition as history (Kim West) and “keep searching! what do you see?”( Anna Odlinge). Other participants will be Lars Holmberg from Uppsala universitet, Petra Bauer, artist and PhD candidate at Konstfack, Johanna Rosenquist from  Lunds university, Andreas Nobel, interior designer, member of the design collective Ugly Cute and PhD candidate atKonstfack, Jadwiga Krupinska, professor in theory of form at KTH-School of Architecture and Trond Lundemo from the University in Stockholm. The presentations will be held in Swedish and a detailed schedule can be found here.

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space for craft

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As part of the Arkitekturmuseets new assignment to be a place for craft and design and in relation to the exhibition Contemporary arts and crafts exhibition 2010: there will be a seminar on the Craft discourse and it’s various platforms Wednesday November 10, 13-18 pm. There will be a discussion between: Cilla Robach, Sara Isaksson From, Pontus Linvall, Peppe Bergström, Maj Sandell, Agneta Linton, Frida Hållander, Kerstin Wickman and with Magnus Ericson as moderator. In Swedish.

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