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jonas forsell: final seminar

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Jonas Forssell

In the research project The Transfigurations of the Text Jonas Forssell investigates the treatment of text in contemporary opera production. As an opera composer and many years of experience working with theater, Forssell takes an holistic approach to the design and the composition of text to be carried by tones.
Eva Nassen will be opponent on the final seminar 3 June 2015. The seminar (in Swedish) will take place between 13-15 at Stockholm University of the Arts, Linnegatan 87, Stockholm, room L402.

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  • Published: Apr 9th, 2015
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sara wilén and operaimprovisatörerna

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On Friday April 10th, Sara Wilén and Operaimprovisatörerna will perform and interact with the audience in an experimental research session at the Pufendorf Institute, Lund University. The session is arranged by the cross scientific Advanced Study Group AVaCO at Lund University, where Sara is a member. AVaCO also involves many other researchers in voice, music and music education, from different research fields within the university. cd

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  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2015
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international publication

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Forskarskolan PhD Sara Wilén has published a paper in Esmuc Digital published by Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya. The title of the paper is A kaleidoscope of interactions and the material describes her investigating this question together with the ensemble Operaimprovisatörerna, and discusses perspectives on artistic research methods and preliminary results as one part of this PhD project.

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  • Published: Feb 13th, 2015
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improvised music performance and art opening

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Opera singer, improviser and PhD candidate Sara Wilén is involved in an event together with visual artist Magdolna Szabó at Staffanstorp Konsthall. At the opening of Szabó’s show on Sunday February 15 at 14.00 Wilén together with Tiina Markkanen, soprano, Fritiof Palm, violin and Jonatan Sersam, piano, will perform improvised music in an attempt to expand the field of interartistic collaboration.

More information (Swedish) in the attached folder.

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  • Published: Oct 23rd, 2014
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can art save the world?

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Artistic research: What is in it for the artists


When: October 29, 17:00 – 19:30
Where: Linnégatan 87, rum L502, 5 tr.

Can art save the world is the first seminar in a series of open gatherings concerning the role of artistic research in a number of different fields. To critique, speculate about, discuss and dream about the position and function of artistic research in the art world, the society and for the individual artist.

The panel consists of:

  • Carolina Blixt, opera singer
  • Henrik Agger, Acrobalance, circus artist
  • Louise von Euler Bjurholm, Acrobalance, circus artist
  • Marie Samuelsson, composer
  • Staffan Julén, director and photographer

Camilla Damkjaer, responsible for the research education at Uniarts will act as moderator.

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  • Published: Sep 19th, 2014
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last minute opera

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When: September 20, 21, 25, 26, 27
Where: Uppland


Opera improvisation by the group Operaimprovisatörerna: Mozart in Uppland.

The audience is participating in these performances by giving topics and objects to the performers upon which they will build the plot. The music is improvised but alsa a remix of Mozart, Bellini, Verdi, Bizet and Purcell among others.

This is a unique event in Sweden. For more information see Musik i Uppland.


jonas forssell: 67% seminar

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Where: University College of Opera, StudioteaternPavarotti-1c[1]
When: February 17, 9:30-17:00
Opponents: Andrej Slavik and Kerstin Perski

a seminar about opera translation

Jonas Forssell i a PhD candidate in opera and text at University College of Opera in Stockholm. The first part of this day (9:30-12:30) Jonas will defend his work in his  67% seminar critically examined by the two opponents. A major part of the written reflections concerns translation of opera. The pilot project Så kall ni är om handen, a part of his work and a practical and theoretical course in opera translation at the University College of Opera 2013 will be presented in the afternoon, from 13:30 to 17:00. Please see operahogskolan.se for the full program. The seminar will be held in Swedish.

new events museum, new york

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Sing, Yell, Tell: A Panel on Voice

As part of the upcoming exhibition of Jeanine Oleson’s exhibition Hear, Here the New Events Museum is presenting Sing, Yell, Tell, a public panel bringing together experts who will discuss the notion of voice, from technical concerns to political potential to affective possibilities. This is the beginning of a full Season exploration of VOICE, ranging from the relationships between vocal performers and engaged audiences to voice as agency in political work. Is there a connection between the discernment of an audience and the galvanizing of political agency when viewing the world stage? Is the affective power of another’s voice an activating force? Is there a historic connection between care, queerness, cultural criticism, and activist voice?


extended opera symposium

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Extended Opera Symposium – On Contemporary Opera and Technology
University College of Opera (OHS) & Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) invite you to the first International symposium on Contemporary Opera and Technology

When: May, 31st – June, 1st 2013
Where: KTH The Reactor hall (R1), Drottning Kristinas väg 51 & L1, Drottning Kristinas väg 30

Is Opera a mausoleum risen over bygone golden ages – constantly looking back on a forlorn high-point of canonical works composed during the 19th century?  Or can we understand opera as a creative paradigm based on the human voice and on innovation?

Extended Opera Symposium brings the subject of innovative technology in operatic practice to the surface, and invites composers, set designers, singers, stage directors, conductors, dramaturges, librettists and other professionals as well as opera lovers to take part in lectures and discussions on how opera is and can be extended with new instruments and technologies.

Keynote speakers (international):

  • Arshia Cont, Director, Dep. for Research/Creativity Interfaces (IRC) IRCAM, Paris.
  • Alex Nowitz, Singer and Composer, affiliated with STEIM, Amsterdam.
  • Elena Jessop, PhD student, working w. prof. Tod Machover at MIT/Media Lab, Boston.
  • Oscar Bianchi, Swiss/Italian opera composer, earlier affiliated with IRCAM.
  • Nicola Bernardini, composer, Scuola di Musica Elettronica Conserv. C.Pollini, Padova.

and from Sweden:

  • Jesper Nordin, composer and inventor of the Gestrument for iPad.
  • Anna Einarsson, singer, composer and PhD student at Royal College of Music.
  • Carl Unander-Scharin, composer and lyric tenor, Visiting Professor at University College of Opera and PhD student at KTH.
  • Åsa Unander-Scharin, choreographer and director, PhD, Associate Professor at Luleå University of Technology.
  • Anne Pajunen, musician, composer and performance artist.

In connection to the symposium, there will be performances of two new operas: Between a rock and a hard place by South-African composer Philip Miller and Sing the Body Electric! by the Swedish team composer Carl Unander-Scharin and choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin.

There is a maximum limit of 100 participants, for registration and questions, please mail:
eo@operahogskolan.se or via tel: +46 8 546 270 34
Day 1 (May 31^st) – Starting Time 9:30 AM Lunch break 1:00–2:00 PM Ending 5:30 PM

a singing marionette made of junk and a dancing robotic swan

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Between the 18th-­‐21st November, the exhibition Opera Mecatronica is on show in Reaktor 1 at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where Åsa and Carl Unander-­‐Scharin present eight mecatronical opera and dance works. The exhibition room is a unique 13000 m3 space, 35 meters below earth which was Sweden’s first nuclear reactor, designed for scientific research, built in 1954 and phased out in 1970s. In the exhibition Opera Mecatronica, the computer directed marionette Olimpia made from junk, will perform for the first time. Olimpia is a three‐meter tall three‐dimensional creation built from rusty and patinated machine parts that dance in a curiously human like manner whilst singing an aria from The Tales of Hoffmann.
It is also the Stockholm debut for the dancing robot swan Robocygne, who will be dancing to Carl Unander-­‐Scharin’s electroacoustic version of Tchaikovsky’s majestic music from Swan Lake. The impression created when Robocygne, which was developed at Mälardalen University, was shown to an audience for the first time at the Swedish Book Fair in Gothenburg in September 2010, was enormous. That a robot could bring tears to the eye with its captivating dance created a newsworthy item that reached as far as the USA, India, Canada and Singapore. In this exhibition there are other curious items such as an interactive copper tree singing Handel’s Ombra mai fù, accompanied by vibrating brass loudspeaker leaves, a tub with dark water where a dancer interactively dances to the Pearl Fisher duet by Georges Bizet, and an electro mechanical miniature version of the ballet Petrushka…
Opera Mecatronica is created in close collaboration with the robot constructor Magnus Lundin and the lighting designer Anders Larsson, as well as with KTH R1. Read full Pressrelease (photo© Elias Lindén)

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