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  • Published: Jun 5th, 2012
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sensuous knowledge

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One of the earliest artistic research conferences Sensuous Knowledge , that previously was held 2004-2009 at Solstrand outside of Bergen in Norway now goes to town, the 23 – 25 January 2013.
 A collaboration between Art Museums of Bergen and Bergen Academy of Art and Design forms the new context for the conference: Sensuous Knowledge will take place inside of two exhibitions Material Information curated by José Andrés Gaitán and Real Life Stories, curated by Feng Boyi and including Ai Wei Wei.
The organisers invite 30-minute presentations of artistic and/or curatorial, practice-based research projects for the small discussion groups. They are looking for presentations that appraise, examine, deconstruct, interrogate, or in some alternative manner articulate how places of all kinds are appropriated, created, depicted, experienced, talked about, used, or by other means made subjects for signifying practices in, through, or by way of the arts. 

Practitioners from all art disciplines (including design and the performing arts) and from the museum world are welcome to submit proposals for presentations of completed or ongoing artistic or curatorial research projects for the 2013 Sensuous Knowledge conference. The organisers are asking for one page (600 words) with a summary of the main points and main artistic, curatorial, discursive, or ethical challenges that your project entails, with a note on what kind of audio or visual material you want to present and thus a description of the format of your presentation. Images can be included in your proposal as appropriate.
The deadline for proposals is 15 July 2012, and you will be informed about the outcome of your proposal by 15 September 2012. A general invitation to participate in the conference, a preliminary program, and details about registration, conference fee, etc. will be published in September.

 Submit you proposal to sensuous.knowledge@khib.no.

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