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tacit or loud 28 nov – 3 dec 2014 (1 hp)


This course will adress artistic method and artistic knowledge production in a cross disciplinary manner. The participants will be encouraged to engage in the discussion concerning the locality of knowledge in artistic practice, primarily in the performing arts at the intersection between new currents in research on human cognition and new media; cross-disciplinary art is an emerging field. The course consists of at least three days of participation in the symposium Tacit or Loud: where is the knowledge in art? that takes place in Malmö 28 November 28 – 3 December 2014. It will present a series of installations and performances bringing choreography, theatre, music and fine arts together. Please contact Emma Kihl (emma@konstnarligaforskarskolan.se) for signing up or for further questions.

Download curriculum here.

tacit or loud: where is the knowledge in art?

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Symposium and festival for artistic research

Nov 28-Dec 3, 2014

Call for contributions

Tacit or Loud is an international symposium and a festival for experimental arts at the Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sweden. Tacit or Loud focuses on intermedia art and presents several international world premieres. Inter Arts Center (IAC) is an organization within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts located in the old Mazetti chocolate factory in Malmö. IAC provides good facilities for interdisciplinary projects, including fine arts, music and theatre, but also other arts and disciplines. For information on the venues please see  http://www.iac.lu.se.

Where is the knowledge in art?

We embrace an ecological perspective on knowledge that stretches from the tacit and embodied knowing of the artist to propositional and scientific knowledge production. Indeed, the knowledge in art can sometimes be more loud than silent. We now welcome proposals to a symposium that challenges the format of the scientific symposium. Contributions may be in artistic form (encouraged), as conference papers or in a format that combines the two. The ambition with Tacit or Loud is to merge various kinds of knowledge production in the arts with analytical modes of thinking.  Hence, it is centered around the concept of the lab as a venue for a review of artistic work and research as process.

For the complete call and more information, please see Tacit or Loud: call for presentations.

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hamlet II: exit ghost

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The radio theatre version of Teatr Weimar’s Hamlet II: exit ghost has won third price in the 18th Prix Marulic – International Festival of Radio Plays and Documentary Radio Dramas. The concept for Hamlet II was developed by Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson, Rafael Pettersson and Linda Ritzén and it was produced by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. Kent Olofsson has also written the music for the play.

arrival cities: hanoi

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A new work as part of the artistic research project Music in Movement and Nguyen Thanh Thuys PhD project at Malmö Academy of Music in collaboration with Teatr Weimar will begin with video recordings and a concert at the end of May. Kent Olofsson will compose the music. The premiere of the final work is scheduled for November/December 2014.

hamlet II and arrival cities

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Hamlet II:exit ghost has been drafted for the radio theater competition in Croatia. The piece is a collaboration between the Swedish Radio Theater and teatr Weimar, both residing in Malmö. The theme for the festival is Old texts revisited and it is arranged by the Croatian radio.

Hamlet II: exit ghost is part of Kent Oloffssons PhD work at KMH.

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seminar IV: action analysis

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Where: IAC, Malmö. Use the code 6565 for the entry and the elevator.
When: May 6, 19:00

Inbjudan till seminarieserie om scenkonst, nutida musik och performance Seminarium IV: Handlingsanalys Tisdag 6/5 kl 19.00 på Inter Arts Center, Begsgatan 29, Malmö Kod 6565 i dörr och hiss

In the fourth seminar in the series presented by Teatr Weimar, Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Ögonblickets anatomi and Inter Arts Centre the concept of action analysis will be discussed. The seminar will be in Swedish.

  • Erik Rynell: Handlingsanalys
  • Linda Ritzén: Handlingsanalys och textens verklighet
  • Fredrik Haller: Subjekt och predikat yeah yeah yeah
  • Jörgen Dahlqvist: Handlingsanalys och scenisk bildkomposition
  • Kent Olofsson: Handlingsanalys och musikalisk komposition

symposium: in the blend

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Bergsg. 29, Malmö
When: April 22-25

Susan Sontag’s famous essay Against Interpretation serves as a point of departure in the artistic research stranderfrontproject Ögonblickets Anatomi (Loosly: The Anatomy of the Moment) led by Teatr Weimar and the Theatre Academy in Malmö. The focus is put on the artistic work as a carrier of its own terminology and its own discourse. The title of the symposium, In the Blend, has been taken from the book by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner where the authors are constructing the term conceptual blending to denote the integration of meaning and terminology in order to create new meanings and new outlooks. The symposium is about thinking in art and includes artistic works, seminars, presentations and discussions.

In the Blend and Ögonblickets Anatomi are financed by the Swedish Research Council
Ögonblickets Anatomi is a collaboration between Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Inter Arts Center, Teatr Weimar andwlabs.


The program can be found here.

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conceptual blending and vertical dramaturgy

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Malmö (entrance code is 2323)
When: March 3, 19.00

As part of the series of seminars on dramatic arts, contemporary music, videoart and performance, the second seminar on conceptual blending and vertical dramaturgy will discuss the work of Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner. If conceptual blending can be understood as an extension of the metaphor to include also non verbal communication, vertical dramaturgy is a means of structuring artistic content within a common time flow.

The seminars are held in Swedish and are a part of the artistic research project ”Ögonblickets anatomi”


  • Erik Rynell: Conceptual blending
  • Jörgen Dahlqvist: Vertical dramaturgy
  • Kent Olofsson: Vertical dramaturgy and composition
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arrival cities: malmö

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When: June 1 and 7-8, 19.00
Where: Inkonst, Malmö

Arrival cities: Malmö deals with migration in the shadow of the economic crises and the xenophobia that more and more has become the trademark of Europe. An arrival city is the city where migrants from rural and development areas from both in and outside the country try to make new lives for themselves. The arrival cities are often places of violence and human despair but at the same time also dynamic nodes where change can take place. Arrival cities: Malmö is trying to examine different aspects of the politics of migration, from the detention of migrants with the arrival of people coming into Schengen, to the nationalist politicians rage and rantings, to the safe houses where the refugee without papers try to hide from the authorities and finally when they are sent back to their native countries to an uncertain destiny. As always with Teatr Weimar language, power and identity are important points of departure in this performance. Duration approx 1.30-1.40

Concept: Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson, Johan Nordström, Linda Ritzén, Rafael Pettersson, Nils Dernevik and Sandra Haraldsen
Text, director and video: Jörgen Dahlqvist
Sound and music: Kent Olofsson
Technical coordinator and supervisor: Johan Nordström
Actors: Linda Ritzén, Rafael Pettersson and Nils Dernevik
Musicians: Ivo Nilsson and Johnny Axelsson

wlabs activities: seven stories in hanoi

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Hanoi Sound Stuff, Vietnam
April 12, 20.00

Seven Stories: the female general

Seven Stories is a collaborative and experimental project in a collaboration with the Vietnamese/Swedish group The Six Tones with members Stefan Östersjö, Thanh Thuy (Malmö Academy of Music), Tra My Tran (Hanoi Conservatory), Jörgen Dahlqvist (Teatr Weimar), Marie Fahlin (freelance choreographer) and professor Richard Karpen, (composer and dean at the School of Music, University of Washington). The project will be presented in several forms (film, orchestra concerto with video, and as a video installation. The first performance, however, will be at Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival, Vietnam April 12 with the Six Tones and Henrik Frisk (laptop) and Tri Minh (laptop).

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