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  • Published: May 5th, 2014
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seminar IV: action analysis

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Where: IAC, Malmö. Use the code 6565 for the entry and the elevator.
When: May 6, 19:00

Inbjudan till seminarieserie om scenkonst, nutida musik och performance Seminarium IV: Handlingsanalys Tisdag 6/5 kl 19.00 på Inter Arts Center, Begsgatan 29, Malmö Kod 6565 i dörr och hiss

In the fourth seminar in the series presented by Teatr Weimar, Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Ögonblickets anatomi and Inter Arts Centre the concept of action analysis will be discussed. The seminar will be in Swedish.

  • Erik Rynell: Handlingsanalys
  • Linda Ritzén: Handlingsanalys och textens verklighet
  • Fredrik Haller: Subjekt och predikat yeah yeah yeah
  • Jörgen Dahlqvist: Handlingsanalys och scenisk bildkomposition
  • Kent Olofsson: Handlingsanalys och musikalisk komposition

symposium: in the blend

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Bergsg. 29, Malmö
When: April 22-25

Susan Sontag’s famous essay Against Interpretation serves as a point of departure in the artistic research stranderfrontproject Ögonblickets Anatomi (Loosly: The Anatomy of the Moment) led by Teatr Weimar and the Theatre Academy in Malmö. The focus is put on the artistic work as a carrier of its own terminology and its own discourse. The title of the symposium, In the Blend, has been taken from the book by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner where the authors are constructing the term conceptual blending to denote the integration of meaning and terminology in order to create new meanings and new outlooks. The symposium is about thinking in art and includes artistic works, seminars, presentations and discussions.

In the Blend and Ögonblickets Anatomi are financed by the Swedish Research Council
Ögonblickets Anatomi is a collaboration between Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Inter Arts Center, Teatr Weimar andwlabs.


The program can be found here.

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