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research council announces artistic research grants



The Swedish Research council has anounced its research grants for 2015 and forward. This year there has been an exact equality between male and female applicants, and a majority of the granted applications were from female applicants. In the arts research funding, gender distribution among professors and wages have become much more equal than in other parts of the academic world. A total of 8 applications were granted support (16%).

Before having looked more closely at the projects granted support we may lean on Jan Kaila’s assurement that these projects show methodological awareness in subjects distributed in litterature, music, film, architecture and visual art. It is however worth noting that less than half of the projects are led by artistic researchers with an artistic research exam, and two of those that are have graduated in the old exam rooted in musicology with a performance focus. Three out of eight projects are given to artistic researcher at Gothenburg University.

Read more at VR’s site.

symposium: in the blend

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Where: Inter Arts Center, Bergsg. 29, Malmö
When: April 22-25

Susan Sontag’s famous essay Against Interpretation serves as a point of departure in the artistic research stranderfrontproject Ögonblickets Anatomi (Loosly: The Anatomy of the Moment) led by Teatr Weimar and the Theatre Academy in Malmö. The focus is put on the artistic work as a carrier of its own terminology and its own discourse. The title of the symposium, In the Blend, has been taken from the book by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner where the authors are constructing the term conceptual blending to denote the integration of meaning and terminology in order to create new meanings and new outlooks. The symposium is about thinking in art and includes artistic works, seminars, presentations and discussions.

In the Blend and Ögonblickets Anatomi are financed by the Swedish Research Council
Ögonblickets Anatomi is a collaboration between Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Inter Arts Center, Teatr Weimar andwlabs.


The program can be found here.

swedish research council: call for research proposals


The yearly call for artistic research proposals is now open at the Swedish research council. The deadline is March 26 and more information is to be found at www.vr.se.

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swedish research council – yearly symposium

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The Swedish Research Council holds its yearly symposium for artistic research on November 28 and 29. Contrary to previous symposia this year’s conference will be open for others than those specially invited. It is taking place at Konstfack with whom the SRC have collaborated and produced the conference with.

Registration and coffee between 10:00-10:25 on Thursday November 28. The programme starts at 10:30. Please see the Swedish Research Council website for the programme.

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  • Published: Feb 12th, 2013
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international postdoc


The Swedish research council is accepting applications for post doc positions in artistic research until February 26. The next announcement is made in June with deadline in August.

Please see www.vr.se for more information.

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